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72 Names of God: The Keys to Spiritual Enlightenment and Inner Peace

72 Names of God

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The 72 Names of God are highly sacred and full of deep meaning in the broad fabric of spirituality. Spread across different religious convictions, these godly names that each serve as a gateway into Divine infinity have remained highly adored in various spiritual traditions with seekers using them as faster path to illumination and tranquility. Like a symphony throughout cosmos, the human soul’s deepest aspirations find resonance in the 72 Names of God which call for us to begin on a life-transforming expedition towards finding ourselves and exploring our spiritual qualities.

Therefore, the 72 Names of God are not mere designations; rather they are powerful mantras resonating with unique vibrations embodying profound spiritual truths within them. These names were originated from Hebrew antiquity where Moses himself was believed to have received them and have been adopted by many religions including Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

In the Kabbalistic Jewish esoteric tradition, the 72 Names of God are thought to be keys that unlock hidden secrets of the universe. Every name represents a certain Divine attribute or aspect, revealing the infinite character of its Creator. Through meditating on these names, devotees aim at synchronizing themselves with divine frequencies, thereby gaining profound realization and spiritual development.

72 Names of God List

Hebrew NamesEnglish NamesMeaning
אלדAleph-Lamed-DaletProtection from evil eye and bad dreams, and helps in the reformation of one’s character
סאלSamekh-Aleph-LamedAttraction of abundance and wealth
מהשMem-He-ShinHealing physical and emotional ailments
ההעHe-He-AyinUnconditional love and finding true love
מבהMem-Bet-HeTransformation and guidance for making life decisions
והוVav-He-VavManifestation of one’s thoughts and dreams into reality
זלהZayin-Lamed-HeProtection during travel
לאוLamed-Aleph-VavOvercoming negativity and attracting positive energies
הההHe-He-HeSpiritual awakening and enlightenment
יליYud-Lamed-YudClarity of thought and enhanced study
סיטSamekh-Yud-TetOvercoming jealousy and fostering admiration
אעאAleph-Ayin-AlephBreaking negative habits and fostering new beginnings
חהוChet-He-VavDream interpretation and the revelation of messages through dreams
רהאResh-He-AyinPurification and cleansing of negative energies
ייזYud-Yud-ZayinProtection against physical and spiritual harm
הריHe-Resh-YudEnlightenment and wisdom
צנאTsadi-Nun-AlephFinding one’s soulmate and strengthening relationships
מנדMem-Nun-DaletFostering leadership and influence
אניAleph-Nun-YudRenewal and rebirth
קרעQof-Resh-AyinEnding negative influences and fostering positive change
שאלShin-Aleph-LamedAsking for and receiving guidance
ריאResh-Yud-AlephHealing and protection from physical ailments
יזלYud-Zayin-LamedManifesting abundance and prosperity
ההוHe-He-VavBalancing energy and promoting harmony
מיהMem-Yud-HeClarity in decision making and wisdom
וולVav-Vav-LamedSpiritual elevation and connection to the divine
הקםHe-Qof-MemAwakening and spiritual renewal
ללהLamed-Lamed-HeProtection from negative thoughts and fears
אכאAleph-Kaf-AlephEnhancing creativity and inspiration
כליKaf-Lamed-YudProtection from envy and the evil eye
לווLamed-Vav-VavOvercoming obstacles and challenges
פהלPeh-He-LamedSpiritual purification and cleansing
נלךNun-Lamed-KafDeveloping intuition and psychic abilities
יילYud-Yud-LamedWisdom and understanding in teaching and learning
מלהMem-Lamed-HeProtection from negative energies and harm
חווChet-Vav-VavFinding true love and soulmate connections
דניDalet-Nun-YudJudgment and overcoming legal issues
החשHe-Chet-ShinTransformation and significant life changes
ומבVav-Mem-BetOvercoming grief and finding joy
יההYud-He-HeSpiritual sight and insight into the mysteries
מכהMem-Kaf-HeProtection from spiritual and physical harm
ווהVav-Vav-HeIllumination and revelation of truths
ילהYud-Lamed-HeProtection during childbirth and for newborns
סאלSamekh-Aleph-LamedVictory and success in endeavors
עריAyin-Resh-YudAwakening of the soul to its divine purpose
עלםAyin-Lamed-MemConcealing from adversaries and protection
מהשMem-He-ShinHealing and renewal of physical and spiritual health
ללוLamed-Lamed-VavBreaking free from negative influences
אכיAleph-Kaf-YudEncouraging forgiveness and resolving conflicts
חחיChet-Chet-YudDiscovering one’s true self and personal transformation
והוVav-He-VavClarity in vision and manifestation of dreams
דניDalet-Nun-YudDispelling fear and fostering courage
החשHe-Chet-ShinSpiritual cleansing and renewal
צידTsadi-Yud-DaletEnhancing respect and dignity
יחוYud-Chet-VavFostering unity and brotherhood
להחLamed-He-ChetGuidance in overcoming adversity
כווKaf-Vav-VavEncouragement and hope in difficult times
מנדMem-Nun-DaletInspiring leadership and responsibility
אניAleph-Nun-YudEmbracing change and new beginnings
חעםChet-Ayin-MemFostering empathy and understanding in relationships
רעהResh-Ayin-HeClarity of purpose and fulfilling one’s destiny
יםםYud-Mem-MemWisdom in silence and thoughtful communication
ענוAyin-Nun-VavHumility and receptiveness to guidance
מצרMem-Tsadi-ReshDeliverance from suffering and hardship
ננאNun-Nun-AlephAchieving spiritual and physical purity
ניתNun-Yud-TavAttaining wisdom through learning
מבהMem-Bet-HeFostering understanding and empathy
פויPeh-Vav-YudOvercoming hardship and finding solutions
נמםNun-Mem-MemCultivating patience and endurance
יילYud-Yud-LamedEnhancing intellectual and spiritual learning


The 72 Names of God bear witness to an intense immersion into spiritual knowledge and a perpetual search for unity with the Divine. They serve as beacons that show seekers ways towards self-discovery, enlightenment and inner peace.

Therefore, may you find inspiration in them while undertaking your personal journey towards spirituality; may they raise your spirits up high and closer to identifying yourself as truly divine. Thus view these sacred phrases as techniques for personal change that will touch your very soul’s core through vibrations therein contained so that they might become the means by which you can attain whatever you desire or want for your identity.

Therefore, it is a path of life upon which you are invited to remove the veils of falsehood in order to embrace the hidden verities inside. Be encouraged by curiosity, feel open-hearted and thrill your soul with each pronouncement of these sacred

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