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Funny Car Names: A List to Rev Up Your Laughter

Funny Car Names

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When it comes to cars, a name means everything. What we dub our vehicles often reflects their personalities or our own senses of humour. Funny car names allow owners to give their whips identities that inspire laughter and joy.

Coming up with silly, punny, ironic or witty monikers for our four-wheeled friends provides entertainment and puts smiles on faces. Funny car names exhibit creativity while showing we don’t take ourselves too seriously. This article features an extensive list of hilarious names to consider bestowing upon your prized automobile.

Funny Car Names

If you want a chuckle-inducing label for your car, look no further. Below appears 50 funny car names ranging from the cute and clever to the downright silly.

Wacky Wagon
Bumblebee Buggy
Silly Sedan
Giggly Go-Kart
Loony Limousine
Chuckles Coupe
Zany Zephyr
Nutty Nascar
Quirky Quad
Loco Lorry
Jolly Jeep
Mirthful Mini
Hilarious Hatchback
Daffy Dragster
Snicker Sedan
Bonkers Bus
Ticklish Truck
Witty Wagoner
Kooky Kabriolet
Jester Jalopy
Comical Compact
Risible Roadster
Whimsical Wagonette
Droll Dune Buggy
Jestful Jeepster
Merry Microcar
Laughable Limousine
Frivolous Firetruck
Humorous Hot Rod
Jocular Junker
Farcical Ferrari
Eccentric Escalade
Zesty Zipcar
Waggish Wartburg
Frolicsome Fiat
Amusing Aston
Sassy Smart Car
Peculiar Porsche
Rib-Tickling Roller
Jovial Jaguar
Teasing Tesla
Whacky Wrangler
Sprightly Spyder
Perky Pickup
Cheery Challenger
Blithe Beetle
Rollicking Renault
Peppy Prius
Vivacious Viper
Gleeful Golf

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Black Car Names

Black automobiles possess understated elegance. They appear sophisticated and powerful. If you own an onyx-hued vehicle, consider giving it one of these darkly dramatic monikers.

Midnight Rider
Shadow Cruiser
Obsidian Onyx
Black Panther
Dark Knight
Ebony Express
Night Fury
Black Pearl
Raven Racer
Coal Cruiser
Blackout Beast
Sable Speedster
Jet Jaguar
Dark Stallion
Soot Sprinter
Black Mamba
Nightmare Ninja
Noir Navigator
Pitch Phantom
Charcoal Charger
Black Comet
Eclipse Enforcer
Twilight Tracker
Onyx Overlord
Vantablack Viper
Gothic Gladiator
Black Widow
Dark Matter
Ink Invader
Coal Cat
Midnight Marauder
Shadow Stealth
Raven Rocket
Obsidian Orbiter
Black Hawk
Dark Voyager
Nocturnal Nemesis
Sable Shadow
Jetstream Juggernaut
Pitch Panther
Nightshade Navigator
Ebony Eagle
Black Baron
Dark Dominion
Soot Sentinel
Raven Renegade
Coal Cobra
Noir Nighthawk
Midnight Monarch
Black Blizzard

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Red Car Names

Crimson-coloured cars radiate power, speed and passion. Naming your red hot rod or roadster after its vibrant exterior provides distinction and flair.

Crimson Cruiser
Ruby Racer
Scarlet Speedster
Cherry Bomb
Red Baron
Vermilion Viper
Cardinal Comet
Sanguine Sprinter
Burgundy Bullet
Blaze Beast
Garnet Glider
Rosso Rocket
Auburn Ace
Flame Fury
Bloodshot Blaster
Maroon Maverick
Fiery Fox
Sunset Streak
Rouge Roadster
Lava Lightning
Raspberry Runner
Red Devil
Strawberry Sprint
Merlot Missile
Carmine Comet
Pomegranate Prowler
Crimson Chariot
Red Raptor
Scarlet Shadow
Poppy Power
Ember Express
Brick Bandit
Claret Cruiser
Ruby Rebel
Siren Speed
Red Rocket
Cherry Charger
Cinnabar Cyclone
Garnet Ghost
Carmine Cruiser
Red Renegade
Rosso Racer
Scarlet Streak
Flame Flash
Crimson Comet
Red Rover
Raspberry Racer

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Blue Car Names

Blue automobiles possess understated elegance. They appear sophisticated and powerful. If you own an onyx-hued vehicle, consider giving it one of these darkly dramatic monikers.

Blue Lightning
Azure Dream
Sapphire Cruiser
Ocean Wave
Cobalt Comet
Navy Navigator
Electric Blue
Sky Surfer
Indigo Glide
Midnight Sapphire
Blue Ice
Aquamarine Racer
Deep Sea Diver
Celestial Blue
Periwinkle Power
Royal Blue
Blue Horizon
Blue Lagoon
Blue Pearl
Denim Drive
Velvet Blue
Blue Velvet
Starry Night
Blue Velvet
Blue Thunder
Blue Moon
Blue Skies
Blue Blaze
Blue Mirage
Steel Blue
Blue Serenity
Pacific Blue
Blue Odyssey
Blue Tempest
Blue Wave
Blue Magic
Blue Serenade
Blue Aurora
Blue Phoenix
Blue Comet
Blue Whisper
Blue Seraph
Blue Elegance
Blue Mirage
Blue Legend
Blue Charm
Blue Specter
Blue Majesty

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Funny Car Names For Boys 

Little lads love getting behind the wheel of their toy cars for hours of pretend play. Here’s some rugged funny boys car names for your son’s vehicle, whether a toy auto or the real thing.

Speedy Spud
Turbo Tater
Zippy Zebra
Rocket Rascal
Bumper Bandit
Flash Fender
Zoomer Zane
Dash Dynamo
Nitro Nugget
Bolt Blazer
Revvin’ Rex
Jumpy Jalopy
Vroom Vanquisher
Skid Skippy
Whizzy Wagon
Slick Sonic
Motor Maverick
Gearbox Giggler
Rapid Racer
Twister Tracker
Speedster Sparky
Hasty Hatchback
Puddle Jumper
Burnout Buddy
Accelerator Ace
Drift Demon
Hotrod Harry
Wheelie Will
Gearshift Gus
Piston Pete
Roadrunner Riley
Tarmac Timmy
Beep Beep Benny
Circuit Champ
Hoodlum Hank
Clutch Clyde
Brake Brody
Velocity Victor
Auto Axel
Freewheel Felix
Rally Ralph
Engine Eddie
Muffler Max
Tailpipe Tom
Grille Gabe
Fender Finn
Chassis Charlie
Spoiler Simon
Radiator Ray
Gasket Gus

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Funny Car Names For Girls

Whether you have a daughter who loves her toy car collection or a grown-up gal with a sweet ride of her own, one of these ultra feminine and Funny car names fits the bill.

Daisy Dazzler
Pinky Swirl
Glitter Galore
Sparkle Speedster
Miss Sunshine
Bubblegum Breeze
Ladybug Luxe
Sassy Strawberry
Glitz Glamour
Princess Purr
Cupcake Cruiser
Lavender Limo
Starlight Sprinter
Honeybee Hum
Flamingo Flash
Peppy Polka
Sapphire Siren
Giggly Grape
Cherry Charm
Blissful Blueberry
Perky Peach
Aqua Angel
Lemon Lovebug
Rosy Roadster
Violet Vroom
Turquoise Twinkle
Coral Cruiser
Emerald Envy
Ruby Racer
Tangerine Twirl
Jazzy Jasmine
Rainbow Rider
Minty Mist
Poppy Parade
Marshmallow Magic
Zesty Zara
Foxy Fuchsia
Luscious Lilac
Opal Odyssey
Dandelion Drifter
Breezy Bella
Pearly Pixie
Whimsical Willow
Teal Temptress
Magnolia Muse
Buttercup Buggy
Wavy Wanda
Snazzy Sky
Peppermint Pacer
Caramel Comet

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Cute Car Names

Few sensations exist more heartwarming than spotting an adorable little compact car sporting an equally adorable name. Check out this list of precious monikers for your cute commuter.



Naming your car provides a chance to express creativity and humor. Funny, ironic, silly, punny and unexpected monikers give vehicles extra personality. Plus, they elicit smiles, snorts and laughs from observers.

This extensive list of over 200 whimsical automobile nicknames stimulates imagination and provides laughs. Choose a name from the compilation that reflects your car’s spirit and energy. You can also use these funny car names as inspiration to conceive your own innovative title.

The possibilities for labelling your auto with hilarity prove nearly endless. Feel free to build upon the names above by mixing, matching and substituting words. Come up with customized combinations that crack people up and bring you joy whenever you hop inside your humorously-named hot rod. You can even change your car’s name periodically for extra fun.

Finally, do pass along to others any entertaining, witty or chuckle-producing ride titles you invent. Let’s work together as a community to push the boundaries of silly car names even further!

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