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Funny Cow Names: 300+ Funny Names for Cows That Will Make You Giggle

Funny Cow Names

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When it comes to naming cows, there’s no rule that says you can’t have a bit of fun. In fact, giving your cattle punny, silly, or downright hilarious handles can make your day brighter. Every time you call them, you’ll get a kick out of their Funny Cow Names.

Coming up with Funny Cow Names on your own is not easy. To give you some inspiration, we’ve rounded up over 300 sidesplitting suggestions. From amusing nods to pop culture and plays on words, to irony and outright silliness, there’s something here for every funny bone.

Best Male Funny Cow Names

When naming your prized bull or steer, you’ll want a moniker with maximum comedic impact. Here are 50 funny male cow names that are sure to elicit a chuckle or three:

Sir Loin
Bovino Mars
Angus Young
Moo-hammed Ali
Heifer Sutherland
Cow-nan O’Brien
Moo-lan Rouge
Bovinardo DiCaprio
Chuck Moo-rris
Cow-lin Farrell
Moogan Freeman
Johnny Cashcow
Cow-vin Klein
Beef Wellington
Cow-lden Moore
Moo-se Wayne
Bovine Tim
Moo-chael Jackson
Cow-rt Cobain
Dairy Seinfeld
Milk Gibson
Calf-er Sutherland
Cow-lvin Harris
Cow-l Drogo
Sir Moos-a-lot

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For your ladies, feminine and sassy Funny Cow Names are the way to go. Make them royalty with names that bellow girl power. Or give them beauty queen monikers oozing glamour.

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Cute Baby Funny Cow Names

What’s cuter than a baby cow? Give them a handle as darling as they are. Play up their little size with names like Itsy Bitsy. Or nod to popular culture with options like Mooana. Every time you call out their name and watch them come running on their tiny legs – adorable

Funny Baby Cow Names
Buttercup Boogie
Daisy Doodles
Moo Moo Marvin
Bessie Bubbles
Cuddly Clover
Jolly Jumper
Wiggly Whiskers
Fuzzy Fergus
Giggly Gertie
Twinkle Toes
Bouncy Bertie
Dandy Dandelion
Mopsy Moo
Pipsqueak Patty
Bumblebee Bert
Tickle Taffy
Wobble Wally
Zigzag Ziggy
Fizzy Izzy
Hiccup Harry
Jumpy Joey
Lullaby Lily
Nibble Nelly
Oinky Oscar
Peppy Pepper
Quirky Quincy
Rascal Ralph
Sassy Susie
Upsy Daisy
Vroom Vinnie
Wacky Wendy
Xylophone Xander
Yodeling Yolanda
Zippy Zara
Snuggly Sidney
Hopscotch Harvey
Jitterbug Jake
Kooky Kiki
Loopy Louie
Munchkin Mimi
Nuzzle Nora
Puddle Patsy
Quack Quincy
Roly-Poly Ronnie
Sunshine Sammy

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Dairy breeds deserve names as delightful as their products. Infuse their handles with as much fun as you have milking them every morning. Cheese Louise! Don’t be afraid to really ham it up.

Funny Cow Names

Got milk? Then you better have funny names for your hardworking dairy cows too! Here are 50 hilarious dairy cow names that will keep you cheesing from ear to ear:

Funny Bull Names
Sir Loin
Heifer Locklear
Cow-nan O’Brien
Moo-lissa McCarthy
Jimmy Falloof
Bovine Seacrest
Dairy-Ann Grande
Beefaroni Depp
LeMoo James
Cud-dolf Hitler
Angus Young
Daisy Duke
Bessie Smith
Jon Bon Bovi
Cow-lvin Harris
Daisy Ridley
Chuck Roast
Moogaret Thatcher
Moocow Povich
Cowvin Klein
Moobert Einstein
Billie Eilish-Moo
Moob Marley
Moochael Jordan
Scarlett Johanssun
Moogan Freeman
Cownye West
Beef Stroganoff
Moo-lcolm X
Mooley Ray Cyrus
Moohammed Ali
Cowey Seinfeld
Moona Lisa
Udderly Awesome
Moo-rio Andretti
Moo-jack Nicholson
Cowssie Osbourne
Mooghan Markle
Moohamed Salah
David Beckhamburger
Moolia Roberts
Moocow McConaughey
Moosa Lisa

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Dairy cows work extremely hard to supply us with nutritious milk, butter and cheese products. Why not show them some appreciation with funny names poking fun at their milk output? Wordplay and puns related to dairy products always elicit a laugh. Just don’t milk those names for more than they’re worth!

Funny Bull Names

Let’s be real – bulls already act kind of ridiculous, so why not really lean into it with their names? Big, stubborn and single-minded, bulls make hilarious targets for Funny Cow Names playing up the stereotypes. Get ready to chuckle every time you call them.

Sir Loin
Bull Gates
Moo-hammad Ali
T-Bone Turner
Ferdinand the Fierce
Chuck Roast
Billy the Bull
Horn Solo
Toro Loco
Angus Young
Bullseye Bob
Hornan the Barbarian
Vincent Van Bull
The Great Bull-dini
Bullton John
Bovine Bond
El Toro Bravo
Leonardo DiCOWprio
Bovinardo Da Vinci
Bulliver Twist
Cud-dle Bug
Pablo Picowsso
Sir Beef-a-Lot
Toro Rosso
Bully Idol
Bullford Brimley
Bull Jovi
Horn E. Bull
Bo Vine
Bullberry Finn
Captain Hornblower

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What better way to poke fun at a bull’s brash bravado than by giving him an equally brash, ironic name? The contrast between a tough name and your bull’s cute bovine features is comedy gold. Just don’t push the prank too far, or your bull may get angry and charge! Mild name-based ribbing is sure to make both you and your bull grin though.

Funny Farm Names for Cows

What’s better than a funny cow name? A whole herd of funny named cows! Give your farm or homestead a moniker as fun as your cattle. Farm names are the perfect places to unleash your silly side. Get creative with bovines puns, jokes about pastoral life or amusing takes on pop culture.

Sir Loin
Cow-nan the Barbarian
Daisy Duke
Udderly Delightful
Moo-riel Streep
Bessie’s Moosical
Cud-dle Star
Angus Khan
The Moofia Boss
Milkshake Monty
Cow-abunga Carl
Buttercup Bovine
Spotted Spectacle
Dairy Queen
Heifer Potter
Grazing Grace
Wooly Bully
T-Bone Tango
Milky Way
Chuckle Cow
Hoof Hearted
Ferdinand the Fierce
Bo-vine Ballerina
Lactose Tolerant
Mooby Dick
The Grazinator
Bovine Beauty
Cattle-ina Wine Mixer
Beefy McBeeface
Cow-lifornia Dreaming
Moo York, Moo York
Patty the Plump
Dairy Daredevil
Steak-er Bell
Sir Graze-a-lot
Cow-lamity Jane
Bovine Bonanza
Grazing Glory
Velvet Hooves
Moo-seph Stalin
Cow-met the Comet
Cream Puff
Milkman’s Muse
Hoofy and the Blowfish
The Great Moo-dini
Bessie in Boots

Giving your cattle farm or ranch an unforgettable funny name is simple. Just mashup cow themes with your location or a totally random word for lots of laughs. Pop culture figures like musicians and celebrities also make great ironic farm names. Just steer clear of crude humor to keep things family friendly. Now get out there and make all your cow naming dreams come true! Moo ha ha!

The Benefits of Funny Cow Names

Giving your cattle punny handles has some surprising benefits beyond simple amusement:

Reduces Stress – Scientific research shows that cows with names produce more milk. A Funny Cow Names helps them adjust quicker to their environment.

Boosts Bonding – Naming creates a stronger connection between you and your cattle. An amusing moniker makes that bond even tighter.

Lightens Your Mood – Calling out clever cow names never fails to lift your spirits while doing chores. Laughter reduces anxiety and relieves tension.

Adds Enjoyment – Amusing handles make time spent tending your herd more pleasurable for both you and your cattle.

Funny Cow Names = Happy Cows & Happy Farmers!

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