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The Best 250 Funny Team Names for Your Squad in 2024

Funny Team Names

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You know what they say – there’s no “I” in the team…but there’s a “me” doing all the work trying to come up with a clever name for our squad! 🤣

Whether you’re signing up for the company kickball league or competing in a weekend warrior softball tournament, half the fun is choosing that perfect funny team names. One that’s just the right mix of wit, attitude, and a fresh dad joke badly in need of some new material.

Sure, you could go with some stale, over-used puns like “Brew Crew” or “Batters Up”. But where’s the originality in that? Your ragtag bunch of ballers, swingers, and defensive dynamos deserve a name just as unique as they are.

That’s why I’ve scoured the deep crevices of the internet and cashed in every favor owed to me by retired comedians. To bring you 250 of the most hilarious, outrageous, and penitentially transcendent team names for 2024. Team names are so fresh, that they’re still trying to figure out whether to get avocado toast or a mortgage.

Top Funny Team Names 

Funny Team NamesFunny Team Names
Whiskers on WinnersSofa King Good
Cereal KillersNot Fast, Just Furious
The Meme TeamAgony of De Feet
Smells Like Team SpiritVictorious Secret
Run Like the Windede-LEMON-ators
No Game ScheduledBetter Late Than Pregnant
Prawn StarsMultiple Scoregasms
Quizzically ChallengedThe Quizzard of Oz
Sarcasm ProvidersThe Salty Pretzels
Bad IntentionsThe Uncalled Four
The B-TeamThe Mighty Morphin Flower Arrangers
The Walkie TalkiesCtrl Alt Defeat
Here for the BeerThe Master Batters
Third Degree BurnLord of the Rims
Boom Shaka LakaJalapeno Hotties

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Funny Trivia Team Names 

Funny Team NamesFunny Team NamesFunny Team Names
Quiz in My PantsLes QuizerablesTrivia Newton John
Let’s Get QuizzicalAgatha QuiztieSherlock Homies
The Quizzard of OzQuizteama AguileraRebel Scum
Beer Today, Gone TomorrowThe Fact CheckersMake Trivia Great Again
E=MC HammerThe Know-it-AllsWe Thought This Was Speed Dating
Quizzically ChallengedI Thought This Was BingoAnd in First Place
Master MindsThe SmartinisMind Bogglers
Brainiacs UniteAlternative FactsThe Circle of Trust
Googling GangstersWise QuackersWin or Booze
Periodic Table DancersSofa King SmartRum Forrest Rum

Funny Golf Team Names 

The Fore-bidden Golfers
Shank Happens
Hole in Nones
The Bogey Men
Putt Pirates
The Mulligan Masters
Swing and a Miss
Tee-rific Troublemakers
Fairway Fanatics
The Sand Trap Kings
Birdie Bandits
The Wedgie Warriors
Eagles Not Included
Gimme Par
Drive for Show, Putt for Dough
The Bunker Beasts
Par-Tee Animals
Fairway to Heaven
Slice and Dice
The Green Raiders
Hooked on Golf
The Happy Gilmore’s
Albatross Admirers
Clubhouse Clowns
Rough Riders
Caddyshack Crew
The Par-fect Storm
Whiff Wizards
The Iron Maidens
Grass Masters

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Funny Bowling Team Names 

Funny Team NamesFunny Team NamesFunny Team Names
Gutter GangAlley OopsPin Pals
Split PersonalitiesBall BustersStrike Force
Pin CrushersHoly RollersSpare Wars
Frame DroppersThe IncredibowlsLucky Strikes
Lane RangersRolling ThunderGutter Balls
Spare MeBowl You OverStrikes on Strike
Pin MisfitsThe Bowling StonesThe Mis-Splits
GuttersnipesStrike QueensPoultry in Motion
Biased BowlersTen Pin WizardsSplits for Brains
Rolling PinsKnockdown KingsThe Pin Pricks

Funny Volleyball Team Names

Sets on the Beach
Block and Awe
How I Set Your Mother
The Spikadelics
Notorious D.I.G.
Jump Serve Junkies
Set It and Forget It
Net Ninjas
Spike Tysons
Block You Like a Hurricane
I’d Hit That
Ace Holes
The Volley Llamas
Safe Sets
Served Hot
Spiked Punch
Sets in the City
Volleyball of Duty
Net Results
Digging Divas
Set to Kill
Ball Busters
Hit and Miss
The Empire Spikes Back
Over in Three
We Will Block You
Serve’s Up

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Funny basketball team names 

Funny Team NamesFunny Team NamesFunny Team Names
Air BallersHoops I Did It AgainAlley-Oops
Nothing But NetflixBasketBrawlersCourt Jesters
Full Court PressersThe Traveling MenSwish Kebabs
Dunkin’ DadsFree Throw FrenzyBrick Layers
Ankle BreakersShooting StarsThe Three-Pointers
Ball HandlersFoul PlayDribbling Souls
Rim RattlersBackboard BreakersNet Rippers
Jump Shot JunkiesFast BreakersBounce House
The Layup LineCrossover KingsHigh Flyers
Three Point ThrillersSideline PsychicsSlam Dunk Dummies

Funny Softball Team Names 

Bat Intentions
Pitch Please
Swing and a Miss
Base-ic Instincts
Inglorious Batters
Scared Hitless
Cleats and Cleavage
Hits for Brains
Where My Pitches At?
The Soft Serves
Ball Busters
The Big Gloves
Foul Balls
One Hit Wonders
Bunt Cakes
The Uncoachables
Dirty Divas
The Mighty Drunks
Swingin’ Seniors
The Homerun Homies
Glove Love
The Outfield Outlaws
Pitch Slaps
The Dugout Daredevils
The Grand Slammers
The Catching Fire
The Walk-Off Warriors
The Strikeout Kings
Runs Not Buns

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Funny Girls Team Names 

Funny Team NamesFunny Team Names
Sassy StrikersGiggles & Goals
Glitter GrenadesDolls with Balls
Pink PanthersLadybugs United
Mermaid to PlayChicks with Kicks
Sparkle SquadBabes on the Run
Queens of the CourtCleats and Cleverness
Divas on the FieldPonytail Express
Goal DiggersDazzling Daisies
She-UnitPosh Kicks
Fierce FairiesUnicorn Squad
Glamour GoalsChic Chicks
Power Puff GirlsFabulous & Fierce
Rebel RosesHustlin’ Heels
Starshine LadiesMagic Maids

Funny Boys Team Names

Funny Team NamesFunny Team Names
Bros Before ThrowsMischievous Misfits
The BrogrammersChaos Creators
Mischief MakersUnstoppable Force
The BenchwarmersDudes on Duty
Prank MastersWandering Wolves
The Noob SlayersCouch Potatoes
Lazy LobstersRebel Rascals
The Awkward TurtlesThe Mighty Morphin Power Dudes
Gents Without CentsSerial Chillers
The Flying MonkeysPajama People
Wizards of Oz-omeThe Sloth Squad
Not Fast, Just FuriousThe Disruptors
The TroublemakersLost Boys
Jokesters UnitedThe Fantastic Four

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Funny Bowling Team Names 

Gutterly Ridiculous
Split Personalities
Alley Gators
Bowl Movements
Spare Me the Details
Strikes R Us
The Mis-splits
Pin Heads
Lane Violators
Holy Rollers
The Pin Pals
Turkey Hunters
Rolling Thunder
The Ballbarians
Spare Wars
Pin Crushers
The Gutter Balls
Frame Dancers
Bowled and the Beautiful
Strike Queens
Lanes of Glory
Bowling Stones
The Split Ends
King Pins
Alley Oops
Spare Change
The Bowling Pins

Final Remarks

There you have it – 250 funny team names, plucked from the Laugh Locker and tweaked for maximum hilarity in the year 2024. From the groan-worthy puns to the pop culture references only three people will get, you’re guaranteed to have your opponents laughing…or at least questioning their life choices.

So go forth and represent your crew with a team name worthy of their talents! After all, a game-winning home run just hits differently when the pitcher has to growl “The Pun-ishers” as it clears the fence.

Trust me, once you slay them with these clever monikers, the real competition will be your teammates fighting over who gets to come up with next year’s name. Brace yourselves for some epic pun-on-pun violence.

Let me know which funny team names were your favorites or if you’ve got any 2024-inspired gems I missed. The comment section doubles as a witness protection program for horrible puns, so speak freely!

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