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200+ Gender Neutral & Unisex Baby Names 2024

Gender Neutral Names

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Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision that will stay with them for life. In recent years, gender-neutral and unisex names have become increasingly popular. These names allow children more flexibility and freedom to define themselves as they grow. With over 200 creative options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect gender neutral name for your little one in 2024.

Understanding Gender Neutral Names

Gender-neutral or unisex names are given to babies regardless of their sex assigned at birth. They offer an alternative to more traditional “gendered” names that are usually seen as masculine or feminine. Gender neutral names allow children to develop their own identity without the constraints or assumptions that can come with a very feminine or masculine name.

Historically, using gender neutral names was uncommon in Western cultures. But views have shifted, especially in recent decades. A 2019 study revealed that over 30% of parents have considered or would consider a gender neutral name. There are also more options now as names like “Quinn,” “Taylor,” and “Parker” have joined old favorites like “Jamie,” “Jesse” and “Alex.”

Choosing a unisex name allows your child to avoid potential gender bias and gives them the space to tap into all aspects of their personality regardless of their biological sex. It’s also ideal if you prefer not to have your baby’s sex widely known before they’re born. Ultimately, the choice empowers children to determine their own self-expression.

Top 50 Trending Unisex Names for 2024

Here are 50 of the most fashionable unisex names we expect to be big in 2024:

200+ Gender Neutral & Unisex Baby Names 2024
Avery – Of French origin meaning “ruler of the elves”
Riley – Irish name meaning “courageous”
Rowan – From an Irish last name, related to Rowan trees
Remy – French for “oarsman”
Quinn – Popular Irish surname meaning “wise”
Sawyer – Occupational name referring to someone who saws wood
River – Nature name referring to a flowing body of water
Phoenix – Mythical bird that arises from ashes, symbolic of renewal
Justice – Virtue name meaning moral rightness and fairness
Dakota – Native American tribe name meaning “friend” or “ally”
Finley – Gaelic name meaning “fair-haired warrior”
Lyric – Name derived from lyrical poetry and song
Oakley – Nature name referring to oak trees
Parker – Old English occupational name meaning “park keeper”
Dylan – Welsh name meaning “son of the sea”
Sutton – Originating from a British surname meaning “south town”
Logan – Gaelic name meaning “small hollow”
Skyler – An invented name reminiscent of the sky’s limitlessness
Harlow – Old English surname meaning “army hill”
Spencer – Occupational name for a dispenser of supplies
Cassidy – Irish name meaning “curly-haired”
Ellis – Medieval version of the name Elijah, meaning “the Lord is my God”
Reign – To rule over, symbolic of power and leadership
Genesis – Biblical term meaning “origin”
Winter – Seasonal name symbolic of coziness and new beginnings
Zion – Hebrew place name for the promised land/utopia
Legend – Means someone of great renown and iconic status
Vale – Refers to a valley; symbolic of humility
Phoenix – Mythical bird rising from the ashes, symbolic of renewal
True – Virtue name for that which is real, genuine, accurate
Royal – Name indicating nobility, prestige and elegance
Justice – Moral rightness, equality, fair treatment of all
Ocean – Vast body of water, symbolic of depth and force
River – Flowing body of water, represents tranquility
Forest – Lots of trees clumped together
Rain – Water falling from clouds before touching the ground
Sky — The space above the earth where birds fly and clouds drift
Snow — Frozen, fluffy ice crystals that fall in cold weather
Cloud — Fluffy floating clumps in the sky on a breezy day
Stone — Small piece of rock, maybe found near a crystal clear creek
Moon — Glowing celestial orb circling the earth every lunar cycle
Star — Glowing balls of plasma billions of lightyears away
Dawn — The very first rays of sunlight peeking over the horizon
Dusk — Twilight hour right before the sinking of the setting sun
Maple — Gorgeous green and red-leaved tree that oozes sweet sap
Aspen — Tall trembling tree with heart-shaped leaves
Rainier — Majestic snow-capped peak in Washington state
Summit — Topmost point and highest tippy top of a mighty mountain
Sequoia — Gigantic and stately redwood tree species
Terrain — Physical geographic ground features of field, hill or forest

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Classic Unisex Names That Stand the Test of Time

Choosing a traditional yet contemporary name will guarantee it withstands the test of time. Here are 50 eternal favorites:

Gender Neutral
Charlie – Gender neutral diminutive form of Charles or Charlotte
Billie – Derived from Bill, historically used for boys and girls
Bobby – Usually the nickname for Robert, Barbara, or Bobbie
Adrian – Latin name meaning “from the Adriatic sea region”
Frances – Latin meaning “Frenchman or Frenchwoman”
Dominique – French and Latin version of Dominic, meaning “belonging to God”
Jody – Modern diminutive of Judith or Jordan
Jules – French form of Julian or Julia
Marion – French feminine and masculine from Marie or Mario
Nikki – Unisex version of Nicholas, Nicole, or Nicola
Darcy – Gaelic surname, now used equally for boys and girls
Drew – Short form of Andrew, now trendy for girls too
Elliot – English surname derived from the Hebrew Elijah
Emery – Germanic name meaning “industrious” or “home power”
Frankie – Unisex nickname for Francis or Frances
Gabriel – Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength”
Jamie – Unisex Scottish nickname for James or Jamie
Jesse – Hebrew name meaning “gift” or “God’s promise”
Johnnie – Familiar form of John, now given to girls too
Blaine – Gaelic name indicating a thin, sharp hollow
Campbell – Scottish surname meaning “crooked mouth”
Emerson – Surname that has evolved as a first name for any gender
Shea – It’s an Irish term for “majestic hawk”
Wren – Name of a small, clever and creative songbird species
Rory – Signifies Ireland’s Gaelic monarchs, once upon a time
Kit – Originally Christopher or Katherine, now popularly unisex
Scout – Name says it all…adventurous, resourceful and brave!
Gray – Simple name suggesting comforting cool neutral tones
Blue – Also a tint named for serene skies on sunny days
Robin – Iconic red-chested songbird, now a popular unisex name
Finch – Cute species of lively, brightly-colored little birds
Kiwi – Fuzzy brown flightless bird…also a superfood fruit!
Wren – Tiny energetic birds with surprisingly loud trilling songs
Lark – Known for melodious morning singing high in blue skies
Fisher — Patient hunter waiting streamside for aquatic prey
Waverly — English placename indicating meadows of quivering aspens
Marlowe — Variation of historic playwright name Christopher Marlowe
Harlem — Originally Dutch placename from settler Peter Haarlem
Winslow — Old English for “friend on the hill” derived from Winston
Whitby — Seaside village on the east coast displaying sparkling white cliffs
Devon — Nature name and English county known for gorgeous green rolling hills
Darby — Androgynous placename tracing back to deer parks in Scotland and England
Shelby — Signifying a willow tree meadow, made famous by author Shelby Foote
Bailey — Occupational name for the keepers of castle outer fortification walls
Kennedy — Gaelic name meaning “ugly head” that four U.S. presidents made style
Rory – Unisex name blending traditional Irish boys’ name Rory and girl’s name Aurora
River – Nature name evoking a peaceful flowing body of water, now used for boys and girls alike
Eden – Biblical place name for the Garden of Eden, denoting paradise and innocence
Blake – Classic poetic surname that sheds gender connotations as a first name over time
Quinn – Traditional Irish surname once exclusively masculine but now increasingly given to baby girls

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Unique and Rare Gender Neutral Names

If you’re seeking an uncommon name outside the mainstream, here are 50 rare finds:

True – Literal name meaning truthful and genuine
Noble – Honorable and dignified
Loyal – Faithful and reliable
Justice – Virtuous, impartial, and just
Royal – Regal and majestic
Reverie – Daydream, reminds us to imagine
Reign – To rule, conveys power
Rhythm – Evokes movement and flow
Symphony – Harmonious order and arrangements
Lyric – Song, poetry, and emotional words
Story – Narrative, conveys creativity
Journey – The passage of travel and life
Horizon – Where sky meets land, boundless
Oslo – Vibrant capital of Norway
Lux – Latin term meaning light
Vogue – Popular fashion, style, hip
Scout – Pioneering adventurer
Arrow – Swift projectile, straightforward
Blade – Sharp cutting weapon or leaf
Summit – Peak achievement, highest success
Horizon — The far-off line between earth and sky
Oasis — Fertile spot in a desert filled with life
Genesis — Beginning, origin, source, start
Nation — Unified land and people, community spirit
Noble — Honorable, dignified, elite pedigree
Heir — One who inherits riches after an elder passes
Honor — High respect, glory, privilege and integrity
Prosper — Succeed financially, triumph, flourish
Valor — Exceptional bravery in battle or moral strength
Justice — Righteousness, equitability, principles
Haven — Shelter or safe space for protection
Virtue — Good moral character and purity
Legacy — Reputation you leave behind when gone
Victory — Celebrated defeat of hostile enemy or contest foe
Destiny — Luck foretold at birth that shapes life’s journey
Genesis — Beginning, dawn, origin
Courage — Bold bravery in spite of fear faced
Journey — The passage and distance covered throughout travels and life
Odyssey — Epic long voyage fraught with staggering hurdles
Alliance — Partnership bound by treaty for a common goal or good
Noble — High moral virtues and honored pedigree
Heir — One who inherits estate and riches when elder passes
Prosper — Financial succeeding, flourishing
Valor — Exceptional merit shown through brave deeds
Legacy — Enduring reputation left behind when one’s gone
Victory — Triumph, conquest, glory in war’s hard-fought defeat of rival
Destiny — Luck and fortune of life as foretold at birth
Genesis — The ultimate origin, beginning, source
Journey — Passage and trek taken when traveling through life
Alliance — Unifying pact bound by promise serving common welfare

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Cultural Diversity in Unisex Names

Names often reflect backgrounds, so consider these 50 culturally diverse options:

Nikita – Russian form of Nick, victorious
Dev – Hindi for divine light
Sacha – Russian nickname for Alexander
Adi – Hebrew meaning jewel, ornament
Noam – Hebrew, pleasantness
Em, Yim – Common Korean surnames
Jun – Chinese meaning truthful
Zhang – One of the most common Chinese surnames
Kim – Common surname to both genders in Korea
Leiko – Japanese term meaning arrogant
Aya – In Hebrew meaning bird, Japanese for beautiful silk design
Tai – Chinese meaning peaceful and calm
Kai – From Hawaiian meaning sea and Chinese meaning victory
Sage – English name meaning profoundly wise one
Sky – Native American Hopi name indicating flower
Basil – Greek name meaning royal or kingly
Dominique – French version of Dominic, meaning belonging to God
Nikita – Russian version of Nick, meaning victorious
Marion – French feminine or masculine name derived from Marie or Mario
Jean – French version of John meaning God is gracious
Dale – Spanish meaning valley or dale, also an English surname
Carmen – Spanish term meaning song or poem
Rafa – Short form of Rafael/Rafaela, meaning God has healed
Cairo – Egyptian capital city name with Arabic roots
Amari – Japanese name meaning remaining
Chen – Common Chinese surname
Rainier – Of French nobility associated with the House of Lorraine
Blair – Originally a Scottish surname derived from Gaelic
Parker – Old English surname meaning park keeper
Quinn – Common Irish surname meaning descendant of Conn
Angel – Greek meaning messenger, popularly Spanish
Cruz – Spanish word for cross, symbolic name
Alexis – Greek name meaning helper or defender
Yuri – Russian nickname for the male George or female Georgina
Lee – Common Korean surname derived from Chinese or English
Yan – Chinese name meaning flame or bright one
Emori – Japanese for blessing or benediction
Bodhi – Sanskrit term for enlightenment or meditation state of mind
Ezri – Hebrew name derived from Hebrew unisex name Ezra meaning helper
Arden – Based on the English vocabulary word, nature name meaning forested hill
Darcey – French surname meaning originating from Arcy, France
Harlem – Originally Dutch surname honoring settler Haarlem
Paris – World-famous romantic capital city of France
Romy – Short for Germanic names like Rosemary and Jerome meaning famous in battle
Remi – French form of Remus or feminine Remigia meaning oarsman
Sal – Short Spanish form of Salvador/Salvadora meaning savior
Sage – English vocabulary term for wise one
Sky – In Native American Hopi, means flower
Harlow – Androgynous old English surname
Murphy – Old Irish last name meaning sea warrior

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The key factors to consider when selecting a unisex name include:

  • Initials – Choose initials that flow and sound good with their surname.
  • Meaning and Origins – Pick something meaningful that celebrates family backgrounds.
  • Potential Teasing – Ensure the name does not easily lend itself to mocking nicknames.
  • Pronunciation and Spelling – Opt for something intuitive people can easily say and spell to avoid frustration.
  • Flexibility – Give them options like short and long forms.

When choosing, be thoughtful, but don’t obsess endlessly. Focus on your child’s personality and what you hope for them. With an open mindset, you’re sure to find something special.

Making the Name Your Own

While gender neutral names offer flexibility, you can also customize traditional names:

  • Feminize male names with extra vowels or “a” endings, like Mathea instead of Matthew.
  • Masculinize female names by dropping vowels like Josephina into Joseph.
  • Blend name halves into new creations. (Eli + Sam = Elsem)
  • Fuse names from family members or reverse a surname used as a first name.
  • Derive cute nicknames or initials from a longer name.

No matter what, give your baby a name spoken with love. The right fit will come in time as you get to know your child!

Resources and Tools for Baby Name Selection

Naming a baby can be fun with the right guidance. Helpful resources include:

  • Social Security Lists – Track name popularity nationwide
  • Baby Name Wizards – Parental perspectives on real name experiences
  • International Baby Name Surveys – Insight into global naming trends
  • Baby Name Enthusiasts Forums – Share ideas and get feedback from fellow parents
  • Baby Naming Apps and Generators – Interactive tools suggesting ideas based on your tastes
  • Baby Name Almanacs – Expert analysis on latest naming fads and advice
  • Children’s Literature Classics – Iconic character names that have stood the test of time


In the age of fluid understandings of gender, unisex names empower children with wide-open freedom. By choosing outside the gender binary, you grant your child the beautiful opportunity to learn who they are without limitations or prescribed notions of who they should be.

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