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Motorcycle Club Names: 250 Unique Ideas for Your Riding Group

Motorcycle Club Names

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Motorcycle clubs have a rich history and culture behind them. For many riders, joining or forming a motorcycle club is a way to share their passion for riding with like-minded people. The club name is essential to defining that identity and building camaraderie within the group. This article will provide inspiration and guidance for brainstorming the perfect motorcycle club name.

The Anatomy of Motorcycle Club Names

Motorcycle clubs first emerged in the late 1940s as small groups centered around a local bar or auto shop. Over decades of evolution, certain naming traditions and conventions became prevalent. Many early club names referenced the geographic location of the founding chapter, like the Market Street Commandos and Galloping Gooses M/C.

As clubs expanded nationally, their names tended to reflect broader themes connected to motorcycle and rebel cultures. The imagery of aggressive creatures (Pit Bulls MC, Filthy Few MC), mythical beings (Hessians MC, Iron Horses MC), and general attitude (Bar Hoppers MC, Rough Riders MC) can be found throughout motorcycle club names across the decades.

Abbreviations and acronyms are also extremely common due to early clubs sporting a patch with “MC” for “motorcycle club.” This tradition continues today with three- or four-letter abbreviations like Ruff Ryders MC and HAMC (Hells Angels Motorcycle Club).

Types of Motorcycle Clubs

Some key distinctions between motorcycle clubs are important to understand when selecting a name:

Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs (OMCs) refer to the one percent, non-law abiding clubs, many of which use “MC” in their names. They typically avoid law enforcement interference and participate in activities like drug trafficking. Most other clubs make sure their names differentiate themselves from OMCs.

Riding clubs focus purely on group rides and motorcycle enthusiasm. Their names tend to sound more neutral and less aggressive. Examples include Red Knights RC and Blue Knights WRC.

Specialty clubs unite riders with a specific interest like vintage bikes, racing, or particular brands. Names often indicate the specialty like the XS650 Choppers or British Iron Society.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Club Name

Choosing the perfect name takes creativity and thought. Gather club members to brainstorm meaningful words and phrases representing your values, missions, and riding activities. If hosted at a bar, incorporate that name or location.

Ensure uniqueness by searching and geodatabases for active trademarks or registered business names matching your ideas. Google extensively to avoid overlapping with existing club names regionally or abroad.

Also, check domain name availability to purchase for websites and social media handles tying back to the club name and branding.

Tips for Crafting an Iconic Motorcycle Club Name

Balance maintaining traditions and typical motorcycle club name conventions with injecting originality and flair. While you don’t want a boring name, taking it too far outside the norm may isolate you from the wider motorcycle community.

Incorporate strong words that conjure up vivid imagery in members’ minds. Aggressive creatures like bulldogs and stallions work well or choose mythical beasts like phoenixes or griffins. Consider metaphorical names suggesting power like thunder, storm, or steel.

Work in local city, county, or state references to cement ties to regional culture and landmarks. For example, Pennsylvania has clubs like the Steel City Riders, Pittsburgh’s Real McCoys, and Bloomsburg’s Nasty Boys.

Don’t limit yourself to just motorcycles either. Many clubs integrate other dangerous hobbies like poker, booze, or women. So examples like High Rollers MC, Whiskey Iron MC, and Beauty and the Beasts MC can work too.

Study examples of established clubs with iconic names that have stood the test of time by leaning into traditions with a unique twist:

  • Bandidos MC: Formed in 1966 in San Leon, Texas. Their name means “bandits” in Spanish, reflecting the rebellious outsider spirit central to biker culture.
  • Sons of Silence: Founded in 1966 in Niwot, Colorado. Their name intimates secretiveness and coding communication often associated with outlaw bikers.
  • Devil’s Disciples: Established in Fontana, California in 1967. Intentionally misspelled, their menacing name invokes fear and dark imagery.
  • Vagos MC: Originating in San Bernardino, California in 1965. Their name ties back to the Spanish word for “vagrant” or “wanderer,” romanticizing the traveling nomad lifestyle.

Use these iconic veterans as inspiration while brainstorming your own motorcycle club’s name. Identify words and phrases encompassing your collective attitude, interests, and riding philosophy.

Funny Motorcycle Club Names

Wheelie WondersSaddle SoarersGearhead Guffaws
Chain Lube LooniesThrottle JockeysThe Moto Mockers
The Muffler MavensThe Kickstand ComediansLean Angle Lunatics
asket GoofsPiston ChucklersBrake Pad Bloopers
Two-Wheel TrickstersThe Sidecar SilliesThe Carburetor Clowns
Helmet Hair HilaritiesThe Revving Rib-TicklersExhaust Elites
The Giggling GearheadsThe Handlebar HyenasSpark Plug Pranksters
Clutch ClownsThe Spoke JokersThe Wheely Funny Riders
The Silly Saddlershe Speed Bump BuffoonsThe Turn Signal Twits
The Laughing LeathersThe Rolling RaconteursThe Kickstart Comedians
Turn and Burn BuffoonsThe Pedal PunditsThe Chopper Chortlers
The Road Rash RascalsThe Fuel Tank FunniesThe Pillion Pranksters
The Jolly RidersThe Highway HumoristsThe Biker Banter Brigade
The Gear Shift GigglesThe V-Twin VagabondsThe Sprocket Snickers
The Throttle ThrillersThe Radiator RibbersThe Engine Idlers
1The Puncture PunksThe Ignition IdiotsThe Tailpipe Tricksters
The Cruiser ComediansThe Rubber Burners
The Fender Benders

Unique Motorcycle Club Names

Boys Motorcycle Club Names
Thunder NomadsRoad DemonsIron Sentinels
Midnight RidersPhantom RidersFreedom Wanderers
The Wanderlust WheelsThe Lone WolvesNomad Guardians
Rebel CrusadersSilent ThunderMystic Riders
Velocity VagabondsThe DriftersTwilight Voyagers
The Nomadic SoulsThe ValkyriesThe Outlaw Odyssey
Eclipse RidersDesert HawksAsphalt Avengers
The Brotherhood of SpeedThe Celtic RidersThe Highway Phantoms
Iron MavericksThe UntamedThe Storm Chasers
The Free SpiritsThe HighlandersThe Road Reapers
The Road RoninThe Night OwlsThe Velocity Vipers
The UnboundThe Pioneer RidersThe Wind Wanderers
The Steel HorsesThe Urban NomadsThe Crossroad Crusaders
The Shadow VoyagersThe Iron BoundThe Trailblazers
The Wander WarriorsThe Rebel HeartsThe Lone Rangers
The Frontier RidersThe Freedom RidersThe Mystic Nomads
The Asphalt AngelsThe SerpentsThe Eternal Wanderers

Badass Motorcycle Club Names

Thunder RidersIron SyndicateNomad Guardians
Black RebelsSteel CobrasPhantom Strikers
Road DemonsMidnight WanderersSavage Nomads
Dark WolvesHellfire SoulsCrimson Riders
Vicious CycleVagabond HeartsInferno Eagles
Shadow HuntersRebel KingsStorm Chasers
Asphalt AvengersRogue RidersDesert Hawks
Iron OutlawsHighway HoundsWandering Wolves
Phantom RidersNight HawksThunder Serpents
Fury RidersWild StallionsRoad Reapers
Titan RebelsDragon BrotherhoodBlack Thunder
Venom SquadOutlaw OraclesFirestorm Riders
Skull SplittersRoad PhantomsLone Wolves
Death DealersFreedom RidersChaos Crusaders
Savage BeastsTwisted AxlesSteel Phoenix
Fire RidersDire WolvesRaven Knights
Ghost RidersBurning EaglesApex Predators

Female Motorcycle Club Names

Girls Motorcycle Club Names
Amazon RidersLuna ChicksSteel Magnolias
Valkyrie MaidensVelvet RosesRebel Queens
Sisters of SpeedIron MaidensDiamond Divas
Chrome QueensHighway HoneysMystic Riders
Lady HawksRoad SirensNightingale Nomads
Diva RidersFemme FatalesPhoenix Sisters
Wild AngelsSassy RidersFreedom Belles
Liberty BellesThunder GoddessesSeraphim Riders
Vixen VentsQueen BeesValkyrie Vixens
Black WidowsSpirit SistersWarrior Women
Scarlet RidersValkyrie VoyagersEnchanted Wheelers
Femme FuriesLeather LadiesTwilight Temptresses
Rogue RosesEmpress RidersVelocity Vixens
Electric EmpressesProwess PrincessesWandering Women
Hearts of SteelGypsy JestersEclipse Enchantresses
Soul SistersNoble NymphsStormy Petrels
The ValkyriesThe FirebirdsCosmic Cowgirls

Male Motorcycle Club Names

The Road DemonsIron HorsemenThe Nomad Riders
Thunder RidersThe Outlaw GuardiansSteel Stallions
Rebel KingsThe Lone WolvesThe Wanderlust Warriors
The Black HawksHighway HawksThe Brotherhood of Speed
The Night StalkersThe Desert EaglesThe Free Spirits
The Asphalt CowboysThe Mountain MenThe Iron Brotherhood
The Road GladiatorsThe Urban ShadowsThe Road Phantoms
The Highway BanditsThe Thunder ChiefsThe Velocity Vagabonds
The Untamed OutlawsThe Road RebelsThe Crossroad Crusaders
The Steel RidersThe Street KingsThe Liberty Riders
The Wild StallionsThe Iron RangersThe Midnight Mavericks
The Torque TitansThe Freedom RidersThe Highway Nomads
The Raging BullsThe Rebel RidersThe Circuit Seekers
The Storm ChasersThe Phantom RidersThe Frontier Riders
The Thunder BoltsThe Wind WarriorsThe Trailblazers
The Iron WolvesThe Road WarriorsThe Vagabond Kings
The Fire RidersThe Chrome CrusadersThe Sovereign Sons


As you undergo the exciting process of forming a motorcycle club, selecting the perfect name is an honor and creative challenge. Consider the rich history and traditions that laid the foundation for those iconic names that have endured for decades. Strike a unique balance that demonstrates your respect for the culture while forging your own passionate identity. Use this extensive guide to spark ideas and inspiration while incorporating the heritage with your modern twist. Let your motorcycle club name shine as a source of pride and unity for all current and future members.

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