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200+ Names that Mean Sun for Your Bright New Arrival

Names that Mean Sun

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Choosing the perfect name for your new baby is no easy feat. As a moniker that could stick with your child their whole life, it deserves careful consideration. Many parents look for names with uplifting meanings that evoke positivity. What better symbol of joy and light than Names That Mean Sun?

Steeped in beautiful myths and meanings across cultures, sun-inspired Names That Mean Sun have captivated people globally. They capture the warmth, vitality, and radiance associated with Earth’s star. Whether your priority is an elegant name, something simple or exotic, or just a meaning you connect with, solar-affiliated options open up abundant choice.

This article will explore the importance of names, highlight fabulous Names That Mean Sun for girls and boys, and provide tips on selecting that perfect meaningful name for your bright new arrival. Let’s shine a light on these luminous name options!

The Importance of a Name

While your child is still mainly known by the surname they share with you in these early years, their first name holds special significance. It is wholly unique to them. The sound of a name can impact how others perceive them even more than the actual meaning. However, the definition often reflects the aspirations parents had for their new baby.

Depending on cultural, religious and family backgrounds, naming approaches vary greatly. Many lean towards honoring relatives, upholding traditions, or picking something stylish and current. However, names with uplifting definitions frequently appeal across all groups. After all, what parent doesn’t want their child enveloped in positivity from day one?

Popular 50 Names That Mean Sun and Their Meanings

To give you a headstart, here are 50 shining examples of delightful Names That Mean Sun for girls and boys with their meanings:

1AarushFirst ray of sunIndian
2AdityaBelonging to Aditi (sun)Sanskrit
3AeliusSunAncient Roman
5ApolloGod of the sunGreek
6ArunDawn, sunIndian
10ElianaDaughter of the sunHebrew
11FreyrGod associated with sun, rainNorse
12HaruSunlight, springJapanese
14HinataSunny place, in the sunJapanese
15IdaliaBehold the sunGreek
16KalindaThe sunIndian
17LevantRising of the sunFrench
18MalinaTowering, calming, the sunInuit
19MarisolSea and sunSpanish
21NadaDew at sunriseArabic
22OrianaDawn, sunriseLatin
23PhoebusBright, shining (associated with the sun)Greek
24RaEgyptian sun godEgyptian
28SharikChild of the sunArabic
29SiriaSun-bright, glowingItalian
33SuryaSun godSanskrit
34SunnyFull of sunlightEnglish
35TapaniThe sunFinnish
36TheaGoddess of light and mother of the sunGreek
37UsraFirst lightArabic
38VivaanFull of life or the first rays of the sunIndian
39YaelTo shine like the sunHebrew
40ZiaLight, glow, or splendorArabic
41ZoranDawn, daybreakSlavic
43HeliaOf the sunGreek
44SunilVery blue, a reference to the skyIndian
45AineRadiance, splendor, brillianceIrish
46ElidiGift of the sunGreek
47SamirCompanion in evening talk (related to the light)Arabic
48AlbaDawn, sunriseLatin
50KiranRay of lightSanskrit

This table showcases a small selection of solar-related names spanning numerous cultures and languages. Let’s analyse some top options for girls and boys specifically.

Girls Names That Mean Sun

Here are 50 radiant Names That Mean Sun for girls that you may love for your daughter:

 Girls Names that Mean Sun
Aine“Radiance, brilliance, splendor”Irish
Alba“Dawn, sunrise”Latin
Cyra“Sun” or “throne; lord”Persian
Dawa“Moon, sun”Tibetan
Elaine“Sun ray, shining light”Greek
Eileen“Sun ray, shining light”Gaelic
Elidi“Gift of the sun”Greek
Ellen“Sun ray, shining light”Greek
Helen“Sun ray, shining light”Greek
Idalia“Behold the sun”Greek
Kalinda“The sun”Sanskrit
Kyra“Like the sun”Persian
Liane“Daughter of the sun”French
Marisol“Sea and sun”Spanish
Oriana“Dawn, sunrise”Latin
Solene“Sunlight; eastern wind”French
Solstice“When the sun stands still”Latin
Sunday“Sun’s day”American English
Sunniva“Sun gift”Norwegian
Sunny“Bright, cheerful; sun”English
Thea“Goddess of light or heavenly”Greek
Thera“Wild; untamed” (Connotative link to the sun)Greek

Boys Names That Mean Sun

These 50 solar-centred names for boys radiate adventurous and creative vibes perfect for your little guy:

Aiden“Little fire; fiery one”
Apollo“God of light and the sun”
Cyrus“Sun; throne”
Samson“Sun child; bright sun”
Sunny“Bright, cheerful; sunshine”
Blaze“Fiery flame”
Leo“Lion; associated with the sun in astrology”
Phoenix“Mystical bird reborn from its ashes; symbol of the sun”
Ray“Beam of light”
Sirius“Burning; brightest star, associated with heat”
Solon“Wisdom; associated with the sun”
Ori“My light”
Lucian“Light; born at dawn”
Haru“Sunlight, spring”
Hinata“Sunny place; towards the sun”
Martín“Warlike; of Mars, associated with the brightness of the sun”
Rohan“Ascending; healing, medicine, and also associated with sun”
Samir“Companion in evening talk; evening conversationalist”
Anatole“Rising sun; East”
Arun“Dawn; sun”
Aurelio“Golden; gilded”
Cymbeline“Sun lord”
Elior“My God is my light”
Finlo“Fair Lugh; Lugh is a Celtic god associated with the sun”
Idalia“Behold the sun”
Kiran“Ray of light”
Levant“East; where the sun rises”
Lugh“Light; brightness”
Malhar“A raga in Indian classical music symbolizing the monsoon, but also associated with warmth and light”
Mithra“Sun; friendship”
Ra“Ancient Egyptian sun god”
Surya“The sun god in Hinduism”
Vivaan“Full of life; the first rays of the sun”
Zohar“Light, brilliance”
Abner“Father of light”
Aditya“Belonging to Aditi (sun)”
Albus“White; bright, shining”
Eleodoro“Gift of the sun”
Grian“Sun” in Gaelic
Sam“Told by God; sun child”
Solaris“Of the sun”

Baby Names That Mean Sun

Here’s an overview of luminous unisex Names That Mean Sun for your radiant baby:

SolarisDerived from “solar,” meaning “sun.”
SoleilA French name for “sun.”
SunnivaNorwegian origin, meaning “sun gift.”
HeliosGreek name for the sun god.
RaEgyptian sun god.
SuryaHindu sun god.
OrianaMeans “sunrise” or “dawn.”
ElioItalian origin, meaning “sun.”
SorinRomanian name meaning “sun.”
SolangeFrench name meaning “angel of the sun.”
KalindaSanskrit origin, meaning “sun.”
AeliusDerived from “helios,” meaning “sun.”
SolsticeRefers to the sun’s position in the sky.
SamsonMeaning “sun” in Hebrew.
ShamsArabic name for “sun.”
SolaraA feminine form of “solar.”
SunilHindi name, meaning “dark blue.”
SorayaPersian origin, meaning “gem” or “sun.”
CelynWelsh name, meaning “sun.”
SeraphinaDerived from “seraphim,” meaning “fiery angels.”
ApolloniaFemale version of “Apollo.”
EleodoroSpanish name, meaning “gift of the sun.”
MarisolSpanish name, combining “sea” and “sun.”
KalaniHawaiian origin, meaning “the heavens” or “sky.”
SiranArmenian name, meaning “loved one.”
SolennBreton origin, meaning “sun.”
SorrelRefers to a reddish-brown color, like the setting sun.
AtenEgyptian sun disk deity.
ApolloniusGreek name meaning “of Apollo.”
SunflowerA vibrant flower associated with the sun.
SuryanarayanaHindu name, meaning “sun god Narayana.”
AltanTurkish name, meaning “golden.”
AdityaSanskrit name for “sun” or “sun god.”
LucianDerived from “lux,” meaning “light” or “sun.”
OriolCatalan name, meaning “golden.”
SolitaA diminutive of “solar,” meaning “sun.”
RaviSanskrit name, meaning “sun” or “sun god.”
ShamsiaArabic name, meaning “shining” or “sunny.”
SerenWelsh name, meaning “star” and “sun.”
AarushHindi name, meaning “first ray of the sun.”
SólNorse goddess associated with the sun.
ApollineFrench name, derived from “Apollo.”
SorayaPersian origin, meaning “star” and “sun.”
SavitaSanskrit name, meaning “sun.”
SoleItalian name, meaning “sun.”
SulienWelsh name, meaning “sun-born.”
LianeGerman origin, meaning “sun.”

Choosing the Perfect Sun-Inspired Name

With so many marvelous Names That Mean Sun, how do you pick the perfect one? Here are handy tips when deciding:

  • Say it out loud – Choose a name that sounds pleasing and flows off the tongue well with your last name.
  • Connect with symbolism – If the sun’s properties like warmth and vitality resonate with you, research names bearing related definitions.
  • Consider versatility – Opt for something not tied solely to gender or background so your child can grow into it.
  • Envision nicknames – Think of potential shortened versions fitting for your baby now through adulthood.
  • Focus on phonetic spelling – To avoid constant mispronunciations, pick logical phonetic spellings.

While you have an initial name in mind, remember that seeing and bonding with your newborn could inspire a brand new option. The right choice will feel perfect when looking into the beautiful face of your son or daughter. Allow some flexibility for that moment when you meet them.

A thoughtfully chosen Name That Means Sun could infuse your baby with dazzling confidence. But know that ultimately, they will shine their own special light into the world. All you have to do is nurture their unique glow.


Finding that perfect name for your new son or daughter is no easy task – but considering radiant Names That Mean Sun opens up lots of brilliant possibilities. Their rich cultural heritages, combined with the magical symbolism of the sun across societies worldwide, creates beautiful options to ignite your baby’s potential.

May the incandescent names here ignite inspiration as you search for a moniker reflecting the hopes and dreams you have for your precious new arrival. And we wish you abundant joy on the parenting journey ahead with your own beam of sunshine!

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