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From Cute to Cool: 250+ Rabbit Names Ideas to Inspire You

Rabbit Names

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Choosing a name for your pet is an important way to welcome them into your life. The right name should not only symbolize the unique personality of your bunny, but also give some hint about you as its owner. Whether you want a name that is adorable, funny, or unique this ultimate guide has everything under control. Let us explore rabbit names and find the best one for your new friend!

Rabbit Names

There is no doubt that rabbits are cute by nature. For what reason can’t one go with it? Here are some incredibly sweet rabbit names:

Thumper – A traditional name based on the famous character in Bambi.

Bunbun – Simple and nice, suitable for tiny fluffy creatures.

Snowball – A good match to a white rabbit or those having tails resembling cotton balls.

Nibbles – That is what they do when playing around.

Cinnabun – This is a lovely pick for brownish or reddish-colored rabbits.

Fluffkins – In honor of their soft and woolly fur.

Buttercup – A warm name for a pleasant bunny.

Binkyboo – Aname derived from the binky dance they usually make while playing.

Snuggleberry – It’s for those rabbits who adore snuggling together with their owners.

Marshmallow – Is good at least because almost all children love eating sweets including marshmallows

Famous Rabbit Names

If you’re a fan of literature, movies, or pop culture, consider naming your rabbit after a famous character or celebrity. Here are some well-known rabbit names to inspire you:

Bugs Bunny — one of the most famous Looney Tunes.

Peter Cottontail — a character in a classic story for children.

Miffy — the well-known Dutch bunny.

Judy Hopps — the intrepid rabbit cop from Zootopia.

Hazel – a hero from Watership Down.

Velveteen — who was made real?

Roger Rabbit is that Toon from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Bunnicula which vampire rabbit is that from children’s books?

Energizer Bunny is the iconic mascot for Energizer batteries.

Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail are the three rabbits in Beatrix Potter’s stories.

Unisex Rabbit Names

If you’re not sure of your rabbit’s gender or prefer a unisex name, here are some excellent options:

Oreo for a black and white rabbit

Peanut is an adorable name for small or brown rabbits

Coco is a delightful name for the chocolate chocolate-colored rabbit

Buttons because of their cute little noses like buttons

Nugget when you have got playful chunky or compact bunny

Willow if you want to have calmness based nature-related name for your soft bunny

Pepper a hot spicy name for lively bunnies

Clover would be the lucky name of the four-legged friend to choose

Cute Rabbit Names 

Rabbit NameRabbit Name

Male Rabbit Names 

– Thumper

– Bugsy

– Buster

– Hopper

– Boomer

– Basil

– Cosmo

– Oreo

– Peanut

– Buttons

– Nugget

– Ziggy

– Pixel

– Willow

– Clover

Female Rabbit Names 

– Thumbelina

– Bunny

– Flopsy

– Mopsy

– Cottontail

– Velveteen

– Coco

– Hazel

– Pepper

– Willow

– Clover

– Buttercup

– Marshmallow

– Snowball

– Cinnabun

Funny Rabbit Names 

– Unicorn

– Sir Hops-a-Lot

– Fluffinator

– Bun Bun Bendigo

– Hopscotch

– Fluffernutter

– Binkyboo

– Snuggleberry

– Nibblesworth

– Carrottop

– Bugzilla

– Fluffkins

– Cottontail

– Bunnicula

– Velveteen

White Rabbit Names

– Snowball

– Marshmallow

– Cotton

– Flurry

– Blanche

– Pearl

– Ivory

– Coconut

– Casper

– Cloud

– Angel

– Frosty

– Powder

– Bianca

– Blizzard

Black Rabbit Names 

– Midnight

– Ebony

– Onyx

– Shadow

– Eclipse

– Jet

– Raven

– Licorice

– Noir

– Smokey

– Obsidian

– Sable

– Coal

– Inky

– Blackberry

Unique Rabbit Names 

– Zephyr

– Wisp

– Pixie

– Bramble

– Thistle

– Juniper

– Saffron

– Zephyr

– Coriander

– Cardamom

– Nutmeg

– Clementine

– Paprika

– Sage

– Rosemary

Cool Rabbit Names 

– Bugs Bunny

– Peter Cottontail

– Miffy

– Judy Hopps

– Hazel

– Velveteen

– Roger Rabbit

– Bunnicula

– Energizer Bunny

– Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail

– Benjamin Bunny

– Thumper

– Jack Rabbit

– Brer Rabbit

– White Rabbit


To choose the perfect name for your rabbit is such a lovely chore as it gives you an opportunity to show off your creativity and bond with your newly acquired fur ball. From adorable and affectionate to humorous and distinctive, there are innumerable possibilities that can match any bunny’s personality along with personal taste. Keep in mind that the name you select will be indicative of who your rabbit really is just as much as it portrays you, so don’t rush things up.

If you still have not found a suitable name, then think about the appearance of the rabbit, its traits, or even if there were any favorite characters from books or movies. You could also involve family members in the naming process and get their contributions too.

As soon as you have got the right name, do not wait before announcing it to the world! Comment below and tell us what name you finally went for when naming your furry friend. We are looking forward to hearing all those wonderfully creative bunny names that our readers managed to come up with!

Remember that by naming your rabbit you start on a journey full of love, laughter, and countless memories. Congratulations on welcoming this cute new addition into your life; may the relationship between both of them last long as they do!

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