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150 + Type Of Snake Names And With Meanings

Snake Names

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Finding the perfect name for your snake can be an exciting part of welcoming a new slithering friend into your home. With over 3,000 different snake species spanning a rainbow of colours and a range of behaviors, there is no shortage of creative and meaningful options.

When selecting a name, it’s essential to consider the snake’s looks and personality. An active, curious corn snake may suit a daring adventurer named Indiana or Explorer. Meanwhile, a docile ball python with pretty markings may better match a snake names reflecting beauty like Jade or Venus. Their name will be how you refer to them for years, so picking something that fits just right is vital. To spark inspiration, here is an extensive collection of over 200 fun, engaging, and creative snake names organized by popular categories.

Understanding Snake Personalities

Before bestowing any old moniker, it helps to understand your snake’s characteristics. Like other pets and humans, each snake has distinct looks and personality quirks.

Discussing How a Snake’s Characteristics Can Influence Naming

Some snakes tend to be shy and enjoy burrowing and tight hides. These snakes may suit gentle, subtle names like Timid or Whisper. 

Other more active serpents are curious about their environment and everything outside their enclosure. These snakes often benefit from daring, adventurous names like Explorer or Captain.

Snake Behavior and Temperament

Observing your snake’s behavior and temperament before naming can ensure the name matches. Does your snake eagerly cruise around the enclosure, looking for attention and fun? 

An outgoing, friendly name like Amigo or Social could capture that gregarious personality. Is your snake more likely to be found curled up in a relaxed hide? A laid-back name like Lotus or Zen may be more fitting.

Popular Snake Names and Their Meanings

Here are 30 of the most popular snake names and the exciting meanings behind them.

  • Ace – Excellence
  • Amigo – Friend
  • Apollo – Greek god
  • Bandit – Thief, masked robber
  • Blaze – Flame, fire
  • Bolt – Lightning
  • Bruno – Brown color
  • Caesar – Emperor
  • Captain – Leader
  • Comet – Shooting star
  • Dart – Speedy
  • Eduardo – Wealthy guardian
  • Felix – Lucky, successful
  • Flash – Burst of light
  • Houdini – Escape artist
  • Indy – Adventurer
  • Jade – Green gemstone
  • Jax – God’s grace
  • Khaleesi – Queen
  • Midnight – Middle of the night
  • Mocha – Chocolate colour
  • Nacho – Popular food
  • Oreo – Iconic cookie, black & white
  • Rex – King
  • Sly – Sly & cunning
  • Socks – White feet or patterning
  • Speedy – Quick, fast
  • Spike – Pointed quills
  • Zeus – Greek king of gods
  • Ziggy – Bright, vibrant, zigzagging

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Creative Names for Different Snake Species

Tailor your snake’s name to their species or appearance with these 30 creative name ideas.

  • Baller for Ball Pythons
  • Bubba for Boa Constrictors
  • Cali for California Kingsnakes
  • Checkers for king snakes or black & white snakes
  • Coastie for Coastal Carpet Pythons
  • Copper for copperhead snakes
  • Corny for Corn Snakes
  • Emerald for green tree pythons
  • Gala for Milk Snakes
  • Indy for Indian Pythons
  • Inky for Black rat snakes
  • Jaffa for Jungle Carpet Pythons
  • Lights for Rainbow Boa Constrictors
  • Milky for Milk Snakes
  • Monty for Pythons
  • Motley for Motley Corn Snakes
  • Noodle for any snake
  • Pharaoh for Egyptian Rat Snakes
  • Piebald for Piebald Ball Pythons
  • Pinstripe for Pinstripe Ball Pythons
  • Raja for King Snakes
  • Sandy for Kenyan Sand Boa Constrictors
  • Sir Hiss for Grass Snakes or F males
  • Slick for SlickBack Leopard Garter Snakes
  • Slyther for just about any species
  • Spice for Indian Rock Pythons
  • Spot for Spotted Pythons
  • Stripes for Striped Racers or Ribbon Snakes
  • Twix for Albino California King Snakes
  • Zip for Black Racer Snakes

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Mythological and Historical Names for Snakes

Capture your snake’s ancient soul or noble presence by drawing from mythological and historical names like.

  • Adam – Biblical first man
  • Apollo – Greek & Roman god
  • Asclepius – Greek god of medicine
  • Bastet – Egyptian cat goddess
  • Circe – Greek sorceress
  • Cleopatra – Last active pharaoh of Egypt
  • Draco – Latin for dragon or serpent
  • Eden – Biblical garden paradise
  • Eve – First woman in biblical Creation
  • Fangs – Snake teeth namesake
  • Fu Xi – First of the Three Sovereigns of China
  • Hades – Greek underworld god
  • Hiss – Snake vocabulary namesake
  • Hypnos – Greek god of sleep
  • Isis – Egyptian goddess
  • Jormungand – Norse world serpent
  • Kaa – Fictional man-eating python from The Jungle Book
  • Ladon – Greek hundred-headed dragon
  • Leviathan – Biblical sea monster
  • Loki – the Norse trickster god
  • Medusa – Greek gorgon woman with snake hair
  • Mishipizhiw – Native American horned underwater panther
  • Mordred – Arthurian legend tragic villain
  • Nagini – Harry Potter villain’s pet snake
  • Ningizzida – Mesopotamian god of fertility and snakes
  • Ouroboros – Ancient symbol of a snake eating itself
  • Quetzalcoatl – Aztec feathered serpent god
  • Set – Egyptian god of chaos
  • Shen – Chinese god who battles a dragon
  • Zirnitra – Slavic god depicted as a snake

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Colour-Based Names for Snakes

Calling out your snake’s vibrant colours or patterns is an easy way to name them.

  • Aqua for light blue shades
  • Bandit for snakes with black masked patterning
  • Blizzard for white or pale-coloured snakes
  • Blueberry for blue-shade snakes
  • Butter for butter yellow snakes
  • Charger for snakes with electric blue, yellow, or white colours
  • Cinder for the snake with charcoal grey colours
  • Cobalt for rich blue shade snakes
  • Copper for copper brown snakes
  • Ember for red, orange, or rust-coloured snakes
  • Emerald for green snakes
  • Gem for a snake with iridescent skin
  • Ghost for pale white or grey snakes
  • Jade for light green snakes
  • Jet for dark black snakes
  • Marble for snakes with swirling light and dark patterns
  • Midnight for jet-black snakes
  • Mocha for milk chocolate brown snakes
  • Nilo for Egypt’s fertile Nile River
  • Onyx for solid black snakes
  • Opal for multi-color iridescent skin
  • Ruby for red-coloured snakes
  • Rusty for reddish brown snakes
  • Sandy for beige snakes
  • Sapphire for blue-coloured snakes
  • Shadow for dark grey or black snakes
  • Silver for solid grey or silver snakes
  • Sunny for vibrant yellow snakes
  • Titanium for shiny grey metallic skin
  • Toast for light brown snakes

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Gender-Specific Snake Names

Female Snake Names

Play with traditional male and female names to designate your snakes as sir or madam:

  • Arya – Fierce warrior queen
  • Athena – Greek goddess of wisdom
  • Aurora – Roman goddess of dawn
  • Bella – Beautiful
  • Blossom – Flowers blooming
  • Charm – Magical appeal
  • Cleo or Cleopatra – Powerful legendary Egyptian queen
  • Dawn – Sunrise
  • Electra – Daughter of the Greek sun god
  • Emerald – Beloved jewel
  • Eve – Biblical mother of humanity
  • Hecate – Greek goddess of magic
  • Hera – Greek queen of the gods
  • Ivy – Sturdy climbing vine
  • Jade – Precious green stone
  • Joy or Joie – Happiness, delight
  • Layla – Beloved, night beauty
  • Luna – Moon goddess
  • Raven – Dark, mysterious bird
  • Regina – Queen in Latin
  • Basil – Royal, kingly
  • Bolt – Lightning flash
  • Caesar – Mighty emperor
  • Captain – Lead explorer
  • Kahn – Great kingly leader
  • Obi-Snake habitat locale
  • Pharaoh – Egyptian sun king
  • Rex – Mighty king
  • Felix – Fortunate, lucky
  • Stormy – Powerful, chaotic sky

At The End

While the snake naming ideas presented here are plentiful, feel free to get creative and customize something meaningful just for your snake friend. Consult lists of popular pet names, baby names, and characters from favorite books and movies, or make up your variation. In the end, a name is an incredibly personal decision that will become intrinsic to your snake’s identity and your relationship. 

Hopefully, this guide has ignited inspiration to find the perfect descriptive, quirky, ironic, or even ordinary name suited flawlessly for your extraordinary snake.

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