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250 Cool Trivia Team Names to Stand Out in 2024

Trivia Team Names

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Trivia nights are all the rage these days, with friends gathering at bars, pubs, and restaurants to show off their knowledge and have some fun. But with so many teams vying for those coveted prize pots, you’ll need a seriously standout name to help your squad get noticed in 2024. That’s why we’ve compiled this epic list of 250 cool, clever, and just plain hilarious trivia team names to ensure your brainy bunch makes an impression.

Trivia Team Names with Meaning

Trivia Team NamesMeaning
The Brain TrustA group of intelligent and knowledgeable people
Fact FiendsIndividuals obsessed with factual information
BrainiacsHighly intelligent or knowledgeable people
The Trivial PursuitA playful take on the classic board game
Brain BustersPeople who excel at solving challenging puzzles or problems
The Six-ShootersA team of six sharp-witted individuals
The Fact CatchersThose who are adept at catching and retaining facts
Certified GeniusesA team of individuals certified as geniuses
Trivia TitansTrivia experts who dominate the game
The Wit-nessesA witty group of witnesses to trivia greatness
Brain BustersA group that excels at solving challenging puzzles or trivia questions
Grey MattersA play on words referencing their exceptional minds
The IntellectualsA team of highly intelligent and knowledgeable individuals
The SavantsPeople with profound and prodigious knowledge
MastermindsA group of brilliant strategists and problem-solvers
Brainiac BrigadeA formidable unit of trivia geniuses
Vault of KnowledgeA repository of extensive information and facts
Egghead ElitesAn elite group of highly intelligent “eggheads”
The Polymath PosseA crew with expertise across multiple subjects
Knowledge KnightsValiant defenders and disseminators of knowledge
The Sentinels of ScienceGuardians of scientific facts and information
Intellect InsidersAn inner circle of intellectual trivia buffs
Lexicon LegendsA legendary team with an expansive vocabulary
CognoscentiA group of critics and savants in a particular field
Mental GiantsIndividuals with towering intellectual abilities
The Think TankA group that serves as a source of knowledge and ideas
Cerebral EliteThe best and brightest minds in the realm of trivia
Encyclopedia ElitesA team with an encyclopedia-like depth of knowledge
Scholars ExtraordinaireExceptional scholars and students of trivia
Geniuses UnitedA united front of certified geniuses
Mensa MavericksMavericks and free-thinkers from the Mensa society
PhilosophunculistsA playful term for lovers of intellectual discourse
Erudite ElitesA highly educated and learned elite group
Walking WikiLeaksA team that leaks factual knowledge like WikiLeaks
Trivia ÜbermenschA superhuman team when it comes to trivia knowledge
KnowledgepediaA encyclopedia-like repository of trivia knowledge
Supreme ScholarsThe supreme scholars of all things trivia
Lore LordsLords and masters of ancient and modern lore
OmniscientsA group with seemingly omniscient levels of knowledge
Cognitive TitansTitans with immense cognitive abilities
Illuminati of InfoAn “illuminati” group with insider trivia knowledge
Brain BrigadeA formidable brigade of big brains
Erudites ExtraordinaireExtraordinarily learned and knowledgeable individuals
Noetic NoblesNobles in the realm of higher knowledge and intellect
IntelligentsiaA group comprising the educated elite
The LogiciansA team skilled in logic, reasoning, and problem-solving
Docents of DataExperts and guides in the realm of factual data
Geniuses IncorporatedAn incorporated group of certified geniuses
Wizards of WitWizards when it comes to displays of wit and intelligence
Pioneers of IntellectPioneers and trailblazers in intellectual pursuits

Funny Trivia Team Names

Funny Trivia Team Names
Quizzy McQuizface
Trivia Newton John
The Quizzard of Oz
Sherlock Homies
I Thought This Was Speed Dating
Les Quizerables
E=MC Hammer
Agatha Quiztie
Quiz in My Pants
Let’s Get Quizzical
The Spanish In-quiz-ition
Win or Booze
Quizteama Aguilera
You’re a Quizzard, Harry
The Three Must-Get-Beers
Only Here for the Beer
We Thought It Was Karaoke Night
The Pheasant Pluckers
Suck It, Trebek (In homage to “Jeopardy!”)
Make Trivia Great Again
The Big Fact Hunt
Rebel Scum
We Know Stuff
Universally Challenged
Born to Run Out of Time
The Know-Nothings
The Circle of Trust
Alternative Facts
Rumor Has It We’re Gonna Win
Google’s Mistake
Better Late Than Pregnant
Not Aborted by Roe v. Wade
Dumb and Dumber
Braindead Zombies
The Uncalled Four
Natural Born Losers
Periodic Table Dancers
Blood, Sweat, and Beers
The Meme Team
Ctrl Alt Defeat
Not Here to Make Friends
The Smartest Guys in the Room
Boozy Bunch
The Office Misfits
Fact Hunt
The Quaran-teams
Four Eyes and Beers

Good Trivia Team Names

Trivia Team NamesTrivia Team NamesTrivia Team Names
Brainiacs BrigadeQuizzical ScholarsWizards of Quiz
Fact FrenzyThink TankersAnswer Avengers
The Enlightened OnesThe MindbendersGenius Guild
Quiz CrusadersIntellectual TitansPinnacle of Wits
Trivia TitansThe Quiz KidsBrainstorm Brigade
Knowledge KnightsThe Cerebral GiantsMental Athletes
The Data DarlingsErudition ElitesSavvy Savants
Question QuestersThe InsightfulsApex Minds
The Quiz QuestWit WarriorsLore Legends
Mind MavericksThe IntellectsPuzzle Pundits
The Answer AlchemistsThe Trivia TrailblazersQuest Quenchers
The Brainy BunchCognition CollectiveThe Solution Squad
Smarty PintsThe Inquiry InquisitionThe Wisdom Warriors
The Fact PhantomsThe Knowledge NomadsThe Guesstimates
The Quiz KingsThe Mind ThriversDynamic Brainiacs
The Clever CollectorsThe Quiz QueensIntellect Empire

Best Trivia Team Names

The Factonauts
Brain Trust Brigade
The Encyclopedias
Question Marksmen
The Genius Bar
The Answer Ants
Quiz Wizards
The Know-it-Alls
The Mindbenders
Trivia Titans
The Quizlings
The Smartinis
The Brainiacs
Quizaholics Anonymous
The Quiz Kids
The Fact Finders
The Cerebral Assassins
The Quiz Quixotics
The Nerd Herd
The Quizzerables
The A-Team of Trivia
Intellectual Giants
The Trivia Troupe
The Quiz Kings
The Quiz Queens
The Brainy Bunch
The Pub Scholars
The Quiz Knights
Fact Checkers
The Answer Seekers
The Triviathletes
The Questionables
The Smartypants
The Clever Cats
The Wisdom Warriors
The Brain Game Gang
The Erudites
The Quiz Crusaders
The Fact Faction
The Trivia Buffs
The Knowledge Navigators
The Intellect Collectors
The Quiz Connoisseurs
The Mind Mappers
The Quiz Champions
The Inquiry Agents
The Answer Allies
The Think Tank

Boys Trivia Team Names

Trivia Team NamesTrivia Team Names
Alpha BrainwavesLogic Lords
Brain BrosMind Benders
Dude, Where’s My Answer?The Brofessors
Gentlemen GeniusesFact Fellas
Pint-Sized ThinkersQuiz Kings
Smarty PantsThe Thinking Caps
The Quiz BrothersBros Who Know
Wit WarriorsThe Manly Minds
The Smart AlecsThe Trivia Titans
Quiz CrusadersIntellectual Bruisers
Fact HuntersBrainy Buddies
The Answer AcesMen of Intellect
The Knowledge KnightsQuiz Whiz Kids
The BrainstormersThe Nerd Herd
Trivial TitansThe Geek Squad
The Fact FathersQuizzy Rascals
The Wisdom WarriorsThe Question Quenchers
The Brain TrustThe Insightful Gents
The Think TankMasters of Quiz
Brainiac BunchThe Cerebral Men
Mind MavericksThe Genius Gents
The Quiz CraftersLords of Logic
The QuizzerablesBrain Buffs
Mental GiantsThe Fact Phantoms
Answer AssassinsThe Clever Crew

Girls Trivia Team Names

Trivia Team NamesTrivia Team Names
Quiz QueensBrainy Babes
The Smarty PintsPuzzling Princesses
Trivia DivasGenius Gems
Clever ChicksWise Witches
Gossip GirlsThe Brainy Bunch
She-QuizFemme Fatales
Daring DamesSassy Scholars
Ladies Who ThinkThe Enlightened Ones
Fact FatalesWisdom Warriors
Quiz KweensMindful Mavens
The Pondering PixiesIntellectual Goddesses
Slaying SirensThe Cerebral Sistas
SmartinisDynamic Divas
The Question QueensThe Erudite Angels
Brainstorm BabesThe Puzzle Princesses
Wise WomenThe Knowledge Knockouts
The Quizzical QueensLore Ladies

Final Thought:

Whether you opt for a groan-worthy pun, an iconic pop culture reference, or one of our many random, wacky winners, putting in the effort to pick the perfect moniker for your trivia team is so worth it. It adds energy and excitement to an already amazing night of friendly competition. So grab your teammates, pour over this list of 250 cool trivia team names to stand out in 2024, and get ready to cement your legacy as trivia icons!

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