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Top 250 Gnome Names to Spark Your Fantasy

Gnome Names

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Among the most delightfully eccentric races in the whimsical world of Dungeons & Dragons are gnomes. These miniature craftsmen and inventors bring a sense of awe and mischief to any adventure that is contagious. It’s all about Choosing the perfect Gnome Name which is an essential part when creating an unforgettable character that will be memorable for the whole party.

Your gnome name is not just a mark; it’s also a mirror reflecting your personality, background as well as giving you a glimpse of rich gnomish culture. Would you go for a traditional Gnome Name deeply engrained in their family history or rather something fanciful? So many possibilities exist and with the right Gnome Name, you can have an extraordinary role play experience.

Over 250 Gnome Names has been carefully gathered to stimulate your creative thinking in this ultimate guide. The names range from popular and funny to trendy and exclusive thus making them ideal choices for breathing life into your characters. And now let us delve deep into the world of gnomish nomenclature and find out what comes up with: The Perfect Gnome Name For You.

Famous Gnome Names With Meaning

Gnome NamesMeaning/Inspiration
Alwin“Wise friend,” reflecting a gnome’s intellect.
BinkSuggestive of something small or quick, typical of gnomes.
CogglestonDerived from “cog,” hinting at inventiveness.
DibblerImplies a tinkerer, someone who fiddles with things.
EllywickElvish influence, suggesting a connection to nature.
FizzlebangEvokes the sound of gnome magic or inventions gone awry.
GlimShort for “glimmer,” indicating a spark of magic or genius.
HogglewartCombines “haggle” with a whimsical twist, suggesting a shrewd negotiator.
IckleDiminutive and cute, capturing the gnome spirit.
JinxImplies a knack for causing or avoiding trouble.
KnapweedNamed after a plant, reflecting a love for nature.
LoppinSuggests agility and speed, common gnome traits.
MuddlefootRepresents the chaotic aspect of gnome inventiveness.
NimbledigitHighlights dexterity, particularly in crafting or magic.
OrbinSuggests something orb-like or magical in essence.
PippinEvokes an image of cheerfulness and sprightliness.
QuillIndicates a scholarly or artistic gnome.
RazzleberrySuggests a blend of inventiveness and whimsy.
SnicklefritzGermanic origin, implying mischief or cleverness.
TinkEchoes the sound of a gnome at work.
UmpkinA playful take on “pumpkin,” suggesting something endearing.
VervetNamed after a clever monkey, hinting at cunning.
WizzlewickImplies a magical or inventive prowess.
XanderShort for “Alexander,” meaning defender of men, with a gnome twist.
YabbleImplies chatter or curiosity.
ZookShort and zippy, easy for a gnome to announce.
AxiShort and punchy, suggesting speed and agility.
BrimSuggests a hat brim, playing into gnome fashion.
CrinkSounds like something small and intricate.
DrabbleEvokes the idea of getting messily involved in work.
EzzleSounds magical, with an air of mystery.
FizzcrankCombines energy with mechanical skill.
GobberwartSounds whimsical and slightly odd.
HinkShort and sounds like a sudden idea popping up.
IzzyA name that’s both whimsical and easy to remember.
JoggleSuggests movement and energy.
KnobbinImplies a knack for dealing with mechanical things.
LillipadA nature-inspired name, evoking imagery of smallness and delicacy.
MoxieRepresents vigor or courage.
NackleSuggests a small but significant obstacle.
OzzleSounds mystical and curious.
PuddlefootImplies an adventurous spirit, often getting into messes.
QuizzikSuggests inquisitiveness and intelligence.
RindleSounds like a small, flowing stream, suggesting flexibility.
SprocketDirectly ties to gnome fascination with gears and mechanics.
TubbleSounds cuddly and small, evoking a gnome’s stature.
UnkShort and quirky, suggesting a unique character.
VibbleSounds lively and energetic.
WizzletonImplies wisdom mixed with a touch of whimsy.
XobbetUnique and exotic, hinting at foreign lands or knowledge.
YoggleImplies a playful nature and curiosity.
ZibbinSounds zippy and inventive, typical of gnomish

Funny Gnome Names

When it comes to Gnome Names, a touch of humor can go a long way. These amusing monikers are sure to bring a smile to your party’s faces and add a playful twist to your gnome’s persona:


DND Gnome Names

Gnome NamesGnome NamesGnome Names
Albus QuickfootFenwick ShadowNimblefizz Grin
Bimble TinkertotGlixie WondersparkOrbin Sparklenose
Coggle BumblebrassHexie ChromeblastPippin Stumbleduck
Dazzle CobblebockIzzy FizzlebangQuizzix Gleamfidget
Euphemia WhirlwidgetJinxie WidgetspinRondo Mirthgiggle
Farble GearlooseKipper TanglethreadSprocket McShiny
Grindle SplintershardLudo FidgetwhistleTwizzle Sprockethop
Hoggle WizzlewrenchMoxie ClankspinnerUmbri Gadgetsnatch
Ipple SteamknobNixie ChromecogVindle Sparkgear
Joggle QuickwhistleOxie PuddlejumpWimble Weatherwax
Kuggle IronwidgetPixie DustgearXander Gearfoot
Lollie GearsnipQubo FrizzlefryYorbin Blastwidget
Muddle FixitRoxie WidgetwrenchZephyr Lightspark
Nibblewitz TinkerbockSilvie MoonmechArgyle Shiftswitch
Oglethorpe CranktwistTobi TwizzlestickBrindle Sparksocket
Parsnip WidgetfootUldin FizzletorqueCleon Moonbeam
Quillby BrightboltVirgie GearturnDib Dabbletop
Raffie GlimmergadgetWizzle BrassboltElbin Fiddlefix
Saffron WidgetwhistleXebec ZoomwizzleFargle Snippsprocket
Tibby CogspinnerYaffle BumblequillGadget Flowertwist

Cool Gnome Names

Gnome NamesGnome NamesGnome Names
Zanthe GearspinnerIvor LightfootNexi Shadowgleam
Brix CogwhistleJaxxen FireboltOrlaith Nightbreeze
Cyrex BlastgearKaelix MoonshadowPyro Underleaf
Draxen SparkfistLumin SparkneedleQuorra Glowvine
Elix WhirlgadgetMavix FrostneedleRixen Starwhisper
Flix IronshaftNix SteamshadowSylphrena Skygear
Gavro LightgearOphix SkywrenchTavix Thundermind
Hexi DarkwrenchPaxle BrightworkUlix Dusktwist
Idril QuickwidgetQint SparkstrikeVexi Frostsocket
Jorix ThunderbladeRindle MechawheelWixen Steamsprocket
Kyril FlameheartSaxon GeargrinderXandar Gloomspark
Lyrex ShadowsparkTynix LightspinnerYaxley Wildcog
Mirex VoidtwistUxor MoonmakerZephyx Gadgetfist
Nyril FrostforgeVirex SunsparkAlden Gearwhisper
Orinix ThundergaugeWilix CloudhopperBraxon Sizzlebolt
Praxen GlowgearXyrin FirewhisperCrixon Vaporflicker
Qax LightwrenchYurin FrostwhirlDrexel Shadowshift
Rax DeepforgeZarin QuickblastExon Skybreaker

Unique Gnome Names 

For those seeking truly one-of-a-kind Gnome Names, this eclectic collection is sure to delight. These unique monikers are perfect for crafting a character that stands out from the crowd:

Flindle Quirksocket
Brissle Tink
Nimbledock Glint
Glimji Fizzletop
Thimblewort Gadget
Zephnip Quibble
Fizzlebark Widget
Grindle Spindle
Whimwick Sparkle
Jixle Puffpin
Crink Snapgear
Blipzin Togglewhack
Dindle Sparkshoe
Vixle Twiddlebox
Sprockle Beamhatch
Quizzix Glimmershine
Wizzleflop Dandle
Gribwick Fidget
Twixt Bafflestone
Mizzlewhomp Cranktwist
Knozzle Whizzlebang
Poggle Dizzlestick
Lixie Tumblequill
Razzlefrax Dimwiddle
Snaffin Plunkwhistle
Bimble Grindgear
Fizzcrank Doodlehop
Zibble Fuzzwrench
Quidnix Solenoid
Brizzle Snipswitch
Gidget Whirlygig
Tixie Loomspark
Nizzlebix Moonmuddle
Jangle Snorflesprocket
Vindle Gearsnatch
Dazzlebock Quickspring
Bix Fizzlegrind
Clankin Steamsnaffle
Moxie Dazzlebolt
Zoot Dinglebop
Quigley Fusebuster
Snippet Widgetfizz
Flapdoodle Binxbolt
Gnarly Fizzletink
Twizzle Fidgetframe
Bafflestump Whizzlecrank
Jinxle Twinkledink
Mingle Quirkblast
Fizzbin Dazzlesprocket
Wobblequack Tinkerbot


As you have noticed, Gnome Names is a world full of vibrancy where we find humor, whimsy and a dash of eccentricity. May it be a famous name with deep cultural roots, or simply funny one, or even an original name that no one has ever given to another character before. All these kind of gnome names represent your character’s soul whose secret can be unveiled through just calling his/her Gnome Name.

Remember also that when you are creating your gnome character that the process is as important as the end result. Love gnomes and their mystery; let the inner child in you come out; they will grow with every adventure while becoming more exciting and powerful.

And so my adventurers, go! Allow your mind to wander into unplumbed depths and hope that this Gnome Name might be what triggers off an unforgettable role playing experience. Have a happy adventure!

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