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The Saga of Viking Names: Meanings, Origins and Legendary Influences

Viking Names

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They were some of the most fearless and bold people who ever lived. do you want to know what makes them still interesting? Their cool names!

Viking Names were not just random words to call each other. Uh-uh, every name had an important meaning behind it, often describing brave attributes or powerful qualities or a deep affinity with nature which Vikings adored.

When a baby was called “Thorin” it wasn’t just about giving him a name; rather it meant that from the very beginning, he was endowed with a portion of the strength and power of Thor – the mighty Thunder God!

Viking Names

To truly appreciate the richness of Viking names, let’s explore a few examples and their meanings:

  1. Leif (Descendant)
  2. Freya (Lady)
  3. Odin (Fury or Frenzy)
  4. Thor (Thunder)
  5. Sven (Young Man)
  6. Astrid (Beautiful)
  7. Loki (Knot or Trickster)
  8. Sigrid (Beautiful Victory)
  9. Eirik (Eternal Ruler)
  10. Helga (Holy or Blessed)

Famous Vikings and Their Names

Throughout history, numerous Vikings have left an indelible mark on the annals of time. Here are some of the most renowned Vikings and the meanings behind their names:

Ragnar LodbrokHairy BreechesLegendary Viking hero and ruler
Erik the RedEternal Ruler of Red HairFounder of the first Norse settlement in Greenland
Leif EriksonDescendant Son of ErikReputed first European to reach North America
Ivar the BonelessWarrior with a DisabilityFearsome Viking commander and leader of the Great Heathen Army
Harald HardradaHardrule or HardrulerKing of Norway and formidable military leader

Male Viking Names

Viking names for males often reflected strength, bravery, and a connection to nature or Norse mythology. Here are some popular examples:

ArnorEagle WarriorOld Norse
BodvarMessenger of VictoryOld Norse
EysteinProsperousOld Norse
FolkePeople’s WarriorOld Norse
HaakonHigh SonOld Norse
KetilCauldronOld Norse
OrmSerpentOld Norse
RagnvaldMighty RulerOld Norse
SveinYoung ManOld Norse
TorgilThor’s HostageOld Norse

Female Viking Names

Viking women were highly respected and held important roles in society. Their names often conveyed beauty, strength, and wisdom.

AsaDivine AncestorOld Norse
BryndisArmor of BattleOld Norse
GudridGod’s RiderOld Norse
HildevigBattle ConsecratedOld Norse
RagnhildMighty BattleOld Norse
SignýVictory GuarantorOld Norse
SvanhildBattle SwanOld Norse
ThoraThunderOld Norse
ThorunnThor’s GiftOld Norse
YlvaShe-WolfOld Norse

Cool Viking Names

If you’re seeking a name that exudes a fearless and adventurous spirit, consider these cool Viking names:

ValiChosen One
RuneSecret Lore
HaakonHigh Son
JorundEarth Traveler
AsmundDivine Protection
EsbenDivine Bear
HeideHeath Dweller
HjalmarHelmet Warrior
OlinAncestor’s Descendant
RolfFamous Wolf
SolveigSun’s Power

Tough Viking Names

Eirik (Eternal Ruler)
Hjörleif (Sword Life)
Ivar (Archer)
Kolbeinn (Coal Leg)
Naddodd (Danger Spike)
Ragnvald (Mighty Ruler)
Thorgrim (Thor’s Grimace)
Torsten (Thor’s Stone)
Ulfric (Wolf Power)
Varin (Watchful)
Hrafn (Raven)
Thorfinn (Thor’s Finn)
Grim (Fierce)
Hauk (Hawk)
Bolt (Arrow)
Brandr (Sword)
Styrr (Stern)
Skuli (Skulking)
Viglund (Battle Grove)
Borkr (Bark)

Viking Ship Names

Alvíss (All-Wise)
Fenrisúlfr (Fenris Wolf)
Hringhorni (Ring Bearer)
Jörmungandr (Mighty Serpent)
Náttfari (Night Traveler)
Rán (Sea Goddess)
Skíðblaðnir (Assembled from Pieces)
Sæhrímnir (Sea Rimnir)
Valfreyja (Lady of the Slain)
Ýrsu (She-Bear)
Níðhöggr (Malice Striker)
Bragevogn (Brage’s Wagon)
Sæhrímnir (Sea Rimnir)
Vingnir (Battler)
Ellri (Ancient Ship)
Gná (Messenger of the Gods)
Jörmungandr (Mighty Serpent)
Hringhorni (Ring Bearer)
Gullinkambi (Golden Comb)
Skíðblaðnir (Assembled from Pieces)


Can you feel the ancient awesome power in these Viking Names we’ve learned about? Even just taking a little look shows how incredibly meaningful they were for representing the core values and lifestyles of the Norse peeps.

From honoring their admired gods and ancestors, to capturing the thrill of battling the crazy fierce elements of nature, Viking Names have a magical way of taking us on a trip back to that time of daring adventures and nature-worship. In one name like “Ragnar” or “Brynhild,” you can vividly imagine the mythical spirit that drove Vikings’ quests for total glory.

But Viking Names aren’t just dusty old history. They give us a chance to put that same primal awesomeness of adventure, toughness, and respect for nature into our modern lives. Whether naming your child something like “Viglund” (Battle Grove) or “Astrid” (Beautiful), or picking one for yourself – each name carries an epic tale that can inspire you to live life boldly.

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