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Kingdom Names: Top 250 Inspired Titles for Your Epic Worlds

Kingdom Names

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Kingdom names have captivated people’s imaginations across history, literature, mythology, and fantasy world-building. The names of kingdoms often provide insight into their origins, values, cultures, and how rulers want their lands to be perceived. Behind each kingdom names lies a story.

This article will explore the roots of royalty by showcasing iconic kingdom names throughout antiquity and analyzing what inspired them. We’ll also highlight a case study of the storied Kingdom of Babylon, unpacking its history and legacy. For those looking to name their kingdoms in a fictional setting like a book, game, or RPG, we provide over 200 name suggestions organized by theme, along with the meaning and inspiration behind them. Think of this as a handy idea generator whether you’re looking for classic English kingdom names, creative twists, or dark and ominous titles to set the mood.

Let’s uncover the significance of kingdom names and how the right selection can provide layers of intrigue. When brainstorming that perfect addition for your next adventure setting, this list offers plenty of inspirational springboards. The roots of royalty await!

The Roots of Royalty

Across human civilization, the names of kingdoms often reflected the values or attributes a ruler wanted to associate with their lands and legacy. Names would sometimes speak to geographical characteristics like prominent landscapes or locations. Other times they showcased ruling dynasties, origins stories, distinguished histories won in battle, or earned reputations like wealth, beauty, or military might.

The earliest named kingdoms date back over 6000 years to Bronze Age Sumerian city-states like Ur and Uruk. In Europe, iconic medieval kingdoms included France, England, Spain and the Holy Roman Empire. Most kingdoms across antiquity collapsed eventually under the weight of uprising, war, succession crisis, or loss of relevancy. Yet their names and attached stories continue on in lore and fascination.

Below we showcase some of history’s most recognizable kingdom names alongside the meanings, contexts, and legacies tied to them:

Egypt (Kemet) – The ancient kingdom names derived from the black silt left by flooding Nile river banks where the first settlements took place. It conveyed the fertility and lifeblood of the Nile valley maintained through pharaoh god-king leadership.

Troy – Named for the first mythical Trojan king Tros and tied to Homeric tales recounting the famous Trojan War like The Iliad and The Odyssey. The name continues to inspire intrigue, arts, and archeological hunts for physical evidence.

Babylon (Bābili) – Drawing its meaning from Akkadian bāb (“Gate”) + ili (“Gods”), suggesting it served as a portal connecting the heavens and earth reflecting divine order. The legendary Hanging Gardens exemplified human creative potential.

Qin (China) – China traces its earliest imperial dynasty to Qin which unified separate regional feudal lords and kingdoms into the first centralized state in 221 BCE led by Qin Shi Huang, China’s first emperor.

Kingdom of Israel – Named for the Jewish Patriarch Jacob whom God renamed Israel (“Struggles with God”). Stories, parables, and theological meanings derived from this kingdom permeate Judeo-Christian tradition.

Asgard – The mythical Norse realm of the gods including figures like Odin, Thor, and Loki. It continues inspiring new fictional works like Marvel’s Thor narratives and displays an eschatology foretelling destruction at Ragnarok once primeval forces overwhelm the gods.

Kingdom of Heaven – A symbolic theological concept crossing faiths signifying an eternal state of communion with a supreme creator in the afterlife for those deemed holy, pious, and devoted through divine evaluation of their mortal lives.

As we analyze kingdom names spanning history, literature, scripture, and lore several patterns emerge in what makes a compelling title. Meaningful names often interweave descriptions of power and might, divine lineage and prophecy, legendary founders establishing a named legacy, wonderous landscapes and abundant resources, and reputations for wisdom, wealth, beauty or military strength won through conflicts and survival against opposition.

English Kingdom Names

Funny Kingdom Names
Kingdom of AetheriaRealm of EldoriaLand of Mystara
Sovereign of SolaraDominion of ValtorIsle of Avaloria
Empire of NetheronKingdom of ThalorPrincipality of Dravonia
Federation of ArkanProtectorate of GaldoriaConfederacy of Tiberin
Monarchy of ElyriaDuchy of SylvaranthState of Queloria
Territory of XypheronCounty of MarisarRegion of Veloria
Kingdom of ZephyriaRealm of BorealisLand of Arcanis
Sovereign of DorianDominion of ElderglenIsle of Tempestria
Empire of FaeleonKingdom of MeridianPrincipality of Shadowfen
Federation of LuminaProtectorate of StarfallConfederacy of Valoria
Monarchy of TyrianDuchy of EvermoreState of Seraphina
Territory of OrionCounty of LunaraRegion of Zenithar
Kingdom of CelestiaRealm of AeonisLand of Oceania
Sovereign of PyralisDominion of IridiaIsle of Aurora
Empire of GalanthiaKingdom of MythronPrincipality of Argentum
Federation of HalcyonProtectorate of NimbusConfederacy of Solaris
Monarchy of EclipsiaDuchy of CaladisState of Vespera

Funny Kingdom Names

Kingdom of ChucklesworthGigglesburg EmpireSneezeburg Kingdom
Tickleton MonarchySnortshire RealmBumblebrook Duchy
Wobblebottom LandsHiccup HarborBelchford Territories
Jesterfield DominionGoofygrad KingdomSlapstickia Confederacy
Puddleton PrincipalityJellopolis StateGiggleheim Kingdom
Whoopeeville EmpireBlunderlandSnickerston Realm
Chuckleville KingdomClownsville DuchyGuffawgard Sovereignty
Sillytonia EmpireMirthwood KingdomTeeheetown Protectorate
Bananapeel BayLaughton TerritoryQuirkshire Union
Jesterville CommonwealthFrolicon ValleySmirkelton Empire
Fumblefort SovereigntyGleeberg RepublicChucklago Confederation
Snafu City StatePrankton PrincipalityYawnsville Kingdom
Ticklevania DominionBurpburg FederationGiggleglen Empire
Smuggleburgh KingdomJokeford RepublicHaHasville Kingdom
GrinlandiaMerrimentonBuffoonbury Empire
Sniggerfell KingdomLoonyburg PrincipalityTitterton Realm

Unique & Creative Kingdom Names

Borealis KingdomTwilight RealmEldoria
DrakoniaVeritas EmpireGlimmerhold
EclipsiaWhisperwindHalcyon Valleys
Grimoire LandsYggdrasil’s EdgeJadelight
Nova ImperiumBrightwaterObsidian Depths
Penumbral CoastDawnhavenQuicksilver Isles
Radiant SovereigntyElysian FieldsShadowfen
Terra MysticaFaerunUndying Empire
VesperiaGlacial PeaksWraithwood

Dark Kingdom Names 

ShadowrealmNightveilObsidian Empire
RavenstoneEclipse DominionVoidridge
GrimwoodSable ThroneMourning Isles
DreadmirePhantom BaronyIron Desolation
BleakwindFrostfall DynastyCursed Reach
VenomshoreDarkwater BayAbyssal Kingdom
SoulshadowTwilight VanguardBleakburn Empire
Blacksun RealmSilent SovereigntyWhisperwind Hold
Bloodmoon PrincipalityForlorn ValleyHauntedge Dominion
GloomspireFrostbite CitadelShadowfen
Nightshade KingdomVeilmoorDarkrift Valley
Crypt HollowTenebris HarborEvernight
Necrotide RealmDeepgloom WatersIronshade Fortress

Fantasy Kingdom Names



Kingdom names carry power. A title can instantly conjure images around the nature of rule, landscapes, values, conflicts, and reputations earned – or seized by force. We unpacked the symbolism and legacies behind realms like ancient Egypt, Babylon, Camelot, and Avalon alongside fantasy titles from Tolkien’s Numenor to the Marvel universe vibranium-powered Wakanda.

Behind each impactful kingdom name lies a tapestry of meaning. The labels signify hardships overcome, singular achievements and advancements that demanded sacrifice – or hubris that contained the seeds of decline. They chronicle protectors who shield stability as well as antagonists and threats faced. The hallowed names echo across generations as symbolic shorthand for the epic struggles and contradictions that define every civilization across history. Kingdom names distill such tales into their essence to impart core lessons on the heights and pitfalls of human potential.

So as one dreams up their perfect fantasy title, consider how that new name might someday carry legend – through hard-fought origins, coming prosperity, or desperate stands defending fragile stability to determine lasting destiny. Let the name signify more than locations on a map. Instead, make it emblematic of the grand adventure at hand, with each uttering hinting subtly at untold stories of wonder and woe, and boundless possibility still unwritten. A kingdom name sets the stage. The tale fills volumes. Every life contributes a chapter. Where might your lines lead? Let imagination guide the journey ahead!

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